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3 Things Every Workout Leggings Should Have!

  • March 19, 2019

Workout leggings are a staple for women in the gym or on track. No matter what the mode of training is, whether it be strength or cross fit, Pilates or yoga, leggings never leave your sight. But what makes a great workout legging?

As a buyer, have you ever had a bad pair that did not give you the comfort you needed? Chances are that the answer to these questions will be a yes! So, we have decided to give you some premium knowledge once and for all.

We are going to list 3 qualities of wholesale workout leggings that make it great. Once you memorize this by heart, you will never waste money of a bad one again! So, let’s take a look:

1.Soft and flexible with wash immunity

No one likes the feel of coarse synthetic fabric on skin during a gruelling exercise routine, but unfortunately not all leggings manufacturers understand this. The heart of fitness enthusiast women wants soft and flexible fabric that does not feel much at all.

Another problem with a lot of leggings these days is the fact that it has almost zero wash immunity. After a couple of washes, it just looks years old and plain embarrassing to wear outdoors.

A lot of this has to do with fabric quality and blend, and only the best manufacturers are able to build something that can bear the turmoil of the washing machine!

2.Pockets for your items

Many manufacturers do not seem to understand the value of pockets in your leggings, and that is just sad. Gone are the days of pocket less yoga pants, and today you need something that can hold a credit card or your phone.

With the fast paced life, exercise is now possible at the work gym between office shifts and manufacturers have to understand the value of utility.

While some of the best leggings with a multitude of pockets, there are ones that have just a single one.

Whatever the case maybe, this is one quality that you simply cannot do without! And here is an extra thank you, if it comes with a zip.

3.Opaque leggings for workouts

Leggings suppliers in Canada or in any other part of the world for that matter will promise you zero movement restrictions. And while that is a quality that cannot be done without, it also comes with a flaw that should be eliminated.

Many leggings tend to become see through during a stretch session and that is not the kind of embarrassment you need in the gym.

So, make sure that while you are trying things out at the retail store, your leggings pass the opaque test.

And of course you should look for a dri fit, mesh ventilated design, and moisture wick fabric to keep things comfortable on hot sunny days. But we did not mention these because you probably already know them – and we wanted to add real value to your leggings buying experience.

So, get to your nearest retail store, and start shopping!

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