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gym leggings faq

General And Design

Cotton, Spandex, Polyester, and nylon are great fabrics for making leggings.

Knotted leggings, ripped leggings, mesh leggings, and braided leggings are some of the most interesting and popular add-ons that can make leggings look eye-catching. The major reason behind this is, they are unique.

Seamless leggings, Faux leather leggings, compression side pocket leggings, and flared leggings are loved by most women. These varieties bring out the best in them.

Trends in prints of leggings keep on changing. Floral prints, leopard prints, camouflage, and abstract prints are gaining attention this year.

Shipping And Logistics

Once you reach out to our help team and place your wholesale bulk order, based on your needs and requirements, we will try to deliver it as per our standard turnaround time. If you have an urgent bulk order, we will talk it out. We have a large network of global logistic partners and it will depend on their convenience as well.

Here, what you need to take note of is, once the products are generated and shipped from the facility, you can’t change or update the shipping information. So, when you are filling out the form, ensure that all information for shipping is provided correctly.

leggings manufacturer faq


As a leggings manufacturer with global repute, we come with a great deal of experience, working with different business owners, retailers, and private label business owners. We have catered to their needs successfully by producing every type of leggings possible in bulk that was asked for.

Name any fabric from which you want to create your items and we will make sure that your bulk order is generated out of that very material. Unlike many, you can totally rely on us for every little thing, and when it comes to fabric, we use fab fabric only!

Yes, you just need to choose a product from our catalog that is close to your preference. Then spell out clearly the changes that you want to be implemented. And in tune with your exact custom needs, we can offer you a sample.

We offer the leggings at already-reduced rates. But what sets us apart from many is, on every bulk order, yes, we offer discounts.