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5 Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas For Styling With Your Leggings

  • May 6, 2021

The idea of wearing your activewear to office or an evening hang-out may not have struck your mind before. But now the rising trend in wearing activewear as fashionwear has been globally acknowledged. This happening attire choice is the modern woman’s reliance for varying events. Being a business owner if you want to update your leggings collection, coordinate with a reputed wholesale leggings Australia manufacturer soon.

Casual dress-up in leggings and loafers

If you are on the preppy side but want to look real casual, a bold colored shirt upon your printed leggings might just do the trick. Navy blue leggings with a red shirt and ultra-trendy loafers can look very chic. You can throw a trench coat over this combination during winter time for an effortlessly casual combo.

Neutral top with sublimated leggings

If you have decided to wear fascinatingly vibrant sublimated leggings with striking designs, then you must choose a simple striped crop top in neutral color. For any other top as well, keep the upper-wear simple as your sublimated leggings are already emitting colorful fun vibes. You can go for a blazer over your top for a more stylish and sophisticated look.

Button-down shirt with leggings

If you are going for custom leggings with bold patterns, a classic striped shirt with detailed sleeves or a short sleeves shirt will look elegant. For a more sophisticated look, go for a button-down shirt. Add sleek white shoes or a pair of cute sandals and you are good to go!

With sneakers

Sneakers always look awesome with leggings. Whether it is a pair of simple trainers or bold ones, it looks fantastic with strikingly printed leggings. You can pair orange and navy blue dual-colored leggings with eye-catching silver sneakers to create eclectic and effortlessly comfy vibes.

Classic look with neutrals

This spring you can keep aside your timeless black leggings for a while and slip into floral-printed leggings. Pair these with neutral tops to flaunt a touch of trend while maintaining grace. Neutrals are an amazing style choice to look classic and polished.

Denim jacket with leggings

Pair your black and yellow printed leggings or leggings with similar dark and light contrasting colors to wear under your sports bra or crop top in similar tone. A denim jacket over such attire can make you look fabulous. To enhance this trendy outfit, add your favorite black or white sneakers and the spotlight is yours!

Assuming you are a business owner, a friendly tip is for you to lookout for an eminent leggings supplier. The extensive catalog of such a leggings manufacturing hub will definitely include seamless leggings, custom leggings, sublimated leggings, solid color leggings and more.

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