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5 Things That Never Goes With Leggings

  • September 5, 2021

Leggings have become a wardrobe staple for every woman, but they can be pretty much complicated to style if you do not know how to pair them correctly. But given the fact that they are so easy and comfortable to put on, it’s worth your effort at the end of the day. The fashion icons have been repeatedly setting examples of how to pull off the leggings look, it just depends on what you wear with them. There are some pieces though that you must ignore when concentrating on your leggings game.

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Are you all set to be the leggings look expert? Given below is the list which you need to follow when you are picking up a legging to wear.

No going out tops

Though it is true that this piece of clothing can be dressed up or down but trying to match it up with a fancy top isn’t really a very thoughtful choice, rather settle for an interesting outerwear piece. How about a utility jacket or a windbreaker or a leather jacket?

Avoid bodysuits

When you are thinking of going for a casual yet simple style, try to skip the non thong bodysuits. Rather than that, opt for a tee or a short tank to pair it with a sweater or a jacket. Tie the jacket / sweater around the waist which will make look smart and will provide you with that extra little coverage that is needed.

Ignore those skirts or dresses please

Back in the 80s to mid 2000s, wearing leggings with skirts or dresses would have been considered fashionable but in modern days, that’s a bit outdated. Today, if it is all about coverage for you then opting for a long, oversize sweatshirt or perhaps an oversize sweater is what you should be concerned about!

Try to skip the flip flops / heels

One would be surely laughed about or simply stared on if flips flops and heels crosses mind even once. Leggings go best with flat shoes as heels looks a bit too old fashioned. But that does not mean that you can go ahead and pair them with flip flops either. No! Go for a mistake free look in your leggings by choosing flat ankle boots, loafers or ballet flats as the footwear.

Avoid gym bags

Ever seen a celeb sporting a gym bag along with the leggings while paying a visit to the gym? There is a reason why they never do that. If you are trying to make your leggings streetwear appropriate, then carrying an actual hand bag would be a clever choice.

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