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A Complete Guide On How To Rock Leggings With Ankle-Length Boots

  • February 7, 2023

It’s perfectly okay NOT to know exactly how to style a particular clothing item, even though it’s taken to be a wardrobe must-have (for an instance, the warm, comfortable, stylish leggings). They are some of the most-worn pieces, but it can be confusing to pair them with their best partners. On top of this, styling them with ankle-length boots seems to be impossible for many.

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Sporting the Combination of the Leggings-ankle Boots

Are you too one of them wondering ‘’Should the socks peek out? Should I mix it up with various fabrics and colors?’’ Does the bunching at the ankles look cool or is it a bad idea? If so, then don’t stress, just remember these 4 tips given below in order to wear the leggings with ankle-length boots perfectly:

It’s true that ankle-length boots without socks look great but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with socks. In fact, with socks, they look super cute. For example, combat and hiking boots with just an inch or two of knee-length socks sticking out from the top. Pair them with leggings, an oversized coat, or a cozy sweater and it offers an awesome autumnal vibe.

It’s best to let the bare skin show if the shaft of your boot barely hits your ankle. Going for tall socks over here or wearing an additional-long pair of leggings with such low-cut shoes elevates your proportions in an unflattering manner. When you keep your ankles bare, it makes your legs look long and lean.

If you have a love for different prints and patterns in ankle-length boots, be it floral prints, animal prints, or any abstract print then you would likely want them to be the star of your outfit. So, how to do that? How to help them shine? Settle for the common yet the most-preferred black cotton leggings. Keep your footwear simple and sleek if you recently got leggings with an interesting print or moto stitching.

If you don’t want to give major 80s leg warmer vibes then make sure to avoid slouchy fabric around the top of your ankle-length boots. Also, all that excess can make you look even shorter (if you have a petite frame). Just tuck your lengthy leggings into a fine pair of slightly taller ankle-length boots. If pooling fabric often becomes your headache, then consider taking the leggings to a tailor and altering them to your height, once and for all.

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