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A Few Workout Techniques That Will Make You Look Better in Your Fitted Leggings

  • August 29, 2018

If your life revolves around extensive training sessions and laundering heavy workout wear, then you’re at the right place. You’re someone who wears leggings 90% of the time, thus, you also expect that your clothes will bring out the best in you in the gym arena. Therefore, to get such clothes you must get in touch with fitness clothing manufacturer who create quality assured performance-oriented leggings that is a bestseller among the retail customers. Meanwhile you also need to know a few exercise techniques that will help you gain healthy weight and live a fit lifestyle, thus, benefiting you in a positive way.

Lateral Squat

While holding two dumbbells in the racked position, drop down into a squat, making sure your weight is shifted back on your heels. While in your deep squat, take a wide lateral step, quickly followed by the other foot, landing in your feet apart. Drive up to your heels and stand tall.

Reverse Lunge+ Knee Drive

Start by taking one leg back into a reverse lung, directly followed by driving the same knee up towards your chest, while jumping off the ground a few inches. Be sure to keep a good posture and drive through your heel. Repeat on one side for all reps before switching.

Squat Jump

Starting in a standing position, go down into a squat but remember that your weight should be shifted back on your heels, knees should not go past your toes and your chest should be tall. Go straight from a squat position and power through jumping into the air as high as you can go.


With two dumbbells by your side, hinge forward at the hips keeping your arms extended and dumbbells close to your legs. Your knees can have a slight bend but should not bend much, isolating the hamstrings. Its very important that your posture is perfect. Your back should be flat or at a slight natural curve, never rounded. Get deep into your RDL and then drive back up standing tall.

Thus, make sure to follow the above given exercise to maintain a better lifestyle. Retailers can find the best manufacturer of activewear leggings Australia and shoot a mail to the customer care team to browse through the apparel that the wholesaler has to offer to the retail customers.

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