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A List Of Leggings Outfit Idea For Travel

  • November 28, 2018

Leggings may not be pants in the literal sense, but they are nonetheless the most worn outfit by a girl. Especially in the colder months of the year. You can take style inspiration from popular celebrities as well, who love to incorporate the super comfortable leggings into their outfits. You can either wear it for travels or hangout sessions with friends or for a dinner to the local Greek restaurant. Here focus, is put more on the travel outfits of women, wherein they can pack less but play around with different types of outfits. Plus, there are accessories that can transform all your looks as well. Hence read on to find out the travel trends that can help you rock the wholesale leggings Canada.

Over sized sweater and leggings

This is probably the most classic outfit in the leggings department. You require less outfits and minimal effort to create this look. Plus, you can also jazz up the outfit with the help of thin chains and jewel pendants as well. For a day to night look, all you have to do is do some bold make-up and wear sparkly shoes.

Trench coat look

Trench coats has always been a super favorite of many, especially in those days when the weather is dull and dreary. You can either go completely monochromatic with your outfit or opt for underlining colors to highlight the solid pieces of your outfit. Hair pulled into a messy bun and boots are enough to complete the ensemble.

Animal print lover

If your spirit animal is one of the big cats, then think about leggings in such prints as well. You can also go for the zebra route and opt for the stripped design as long as you don’t look like the zebra crossing. Since the print is over the top, it will be advisable to keep the rest of the outfit lowkey, even in the accessories department.

Shawl over

This one is perfect when you have to spend long hours on the plane and the layering element is comfortable for you. Jackets and cardigans are a passe, hence select shawls or ponchos are lightweight but provides enough warmth from the blasting air conditioner of the overhead panel. Shoes should be comfortable as well, hence select uggs or ballerinas that wont cause bruises.

Comfy chic

Over sized tee and leggings are something that does not require much effort to pull off. Play around with colors of t-shirt styles or just go for the plain and neutral look. These are okay for the commute but even better for exploring an unknown city, if you have the company of a comfortable pair of shoes. You also have the option for jazzing up the outfit with your own creative inputs.

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