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All About Squat-Proof Leggings And How To Find The Right One

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  • June 5, 2023

Do you follow a planned fitness regimen? Then, let us remind you that the leggings you wear should ideally be durable, flexible and opaque to enable you to do your squats, bends and stretches comfortably. It’s embarrassing to notice yours or somebody else’s leggings becoming see-through while doing a forward fold or a deep squat. So, you must be alert to select leggings that are made with a fabric of tested opacity to exercise confidently in your activewear and prevent wardrobe flaws.

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The Meaning Behind Squat-Proof Leggings

As the name implies, squat-proof leggings are fitnesswear that offer sufficient coverage as you stretch, bend or move. The material should have ample thickness to resist the leggings from appearing sheer or see-through while being stretchy and lightweight enough to move with you as you practice workouts. Trying out new leggings that you just bought? Then, you must put them on and perform some moves in front of your mirror to ensure that the fabric doesn’t expose unwanted areas or underwear.

What to pay attention to as you buy squat-proof leggings?

  • Material – Focus on obtaining leggings that blend premium sweat-wicking materials like polyester or nylon alongside elastane threads. Go for squat-test leggings that are 100% non-sheer. For instance, if you opt for leggings that are made out of 75% polyester fibers and 25% elastane fabric, its smooth finish will feel like a second skin and wick away sweat from your body as you engage in gym exercises. Be it recycled leggings or those blending stretchable materials, you’ll succeed in doing workouts in a carefree manner as long as the textile is opaque.
  • Fitting – When searching for squat-proof leggings, ascertain that you choose the perfect size. For any type of leggings, if the material is too tightly stretched, the knit may unwantedly stretch and produce sheerness. So, be careful to select leggings that will fit you seamlessly.

Is there a way you can figure out that your leggings aren’t exactly squat-proof?

If you have doubts, throw on your leggings and carry out stretches, squats and bends exaggeratedly to see if unnecessary skin or underwear is revealed through the material. Do the squats in a brightly lit room for testing, especially if it’s dark-colored leggings you’re putting on. If you’re unsure while glancing at the mirror, ask a reliable friend to do the checking for you.

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