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Best Leggings Trends That are Fitness Fashion Freak Proved

  • August 23, 2018

Women would be lying if they didn’t admit to wearing leggings about 90% of the time. Gym or no gym, activewear is now officially a street style genre of its own, and women are certainly here for it. Don’t get it wrong, although performance is just as important as style, especially for women who are planning and attending all of that yoga, boxing, and cycling classes that they promised themselves for. Women need activewear that works as hard as they do, therefore, retailers, can fulfill these wishes of their customers by ordering activewear apparel from private label leggings manufacturers.

Darling Denim

Women generally don’t like to play favorites when it comes to trends, but there’s a catch here as the denim-inspired leggings trend is soaring the charts. Thinking that you only wear black to exercise? Prepare to be surprised by how inside your comfort zone denim-inspired prints and colors truly are—they’re just as versatile and flattering as your favorite pair of vintage jeans. Color blocking, patchwork, and a tie-dye wash- you must get ready for the fun prints. If you really want to go for it in the style department, layer on an actual denim jacket over the rest of your outfit and create a monochromatic printed look with an edge.

Blush Favorite

When popular celebrities started wearing leggings and sports bras that matched their skin tones, people swore they’d never try it but then entered the blush shades. This shade is gives a hint of pink but not pink enough to make you look like a barbie. The color is actually quite flattering, not to mention balances out the rosiness of your cheeks post-workout (a major plus for heated classes). Wear it head-to-toe or with complementary shades of white and pink.

80’s Rock chick

Not that they ever really left, but the ’80s trends are back and having a major moment right now by way of bright colors, structured shoulder details, and funky patterns. The more mixed and matched, the better, especially when it comes to the activewear. These leggings are soon to be the new daily go-to because the reinvented fresh designs. No matter if you are in the-more-black-the-better kind of mood or one that makes you feel like embracing fun prints, this pair of leggings design will definitely fulfill your needs. The breathability of the fabric also comes in handy whether you’re going for a long run or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

Retailers who wish to custom design your own leggings with trends and brand logos, can shoot a mail to the customer care team of the best of manufacturers and look through their collection and let the wholesaler know of their specific bulk needs.

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