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Blazer And Leggings Outfit Ideas To Channelize Your Inner Blair Waldorf

  • March 6, 2019

Whenever we think of leggings, sweatshirts and sneakers are the general apparel items that comes to our minds. Basically the whole point of wearing the stretchy pants is that it will provide you outmost comfort. Leggings is one of the iconic athleisure pieces, hence no wonder executes a chill vibe. But 2019 has brought about some changes when it comes to the leggings trend. Celebrities are wearing these super stretchable pants with blazers to create a fashion statement. Hence, leggings wholesaler have come up with chic pieces that’ll look great for creating a semi-formal outfit. Hence find out about the various blazer styles you can sport this year.

1. Creating the blazer look is all about sporting the staples but in a sartorial way. You have to basically play around with the colours and accents to create a standout piece. For example, pair a stripped blazer with stirrup leggings and pointed boots. Choose different shades of black as the colour palette of the outfit. This way you don’t appear boring yet possess an appealing silhouette.

2. If you want to instil some Victorian vibe into your clothing then opt for a double breasted blazer with two gold buttons attached at the waistline. It won’t make you look like a British star but you’ll definitely look like you’ve time travelled quite elegantly from the Victorian age.

3. If you like to keep things classic and low-key then a black velvet blazer and leggings with boots if the perfect option for you. In fact you can also wear this outfit for a workplace party or a meeting with the foreign clients. Either way make sure to dramatize the eyes and pull back the hair into a messy bun.

4. If you love to dress up in feminine attire, then select something in a pastel tone this spring. Choose a pastel pink blazer with a pair of deep green leggings. For the shoes, opt for glittery heeled boots to add some drama into the outfit. Opt for a dark coloured shirt to add some layers into the outfit.

5. A leopard print blazer with leather leggings and tan brown suede boots spells bold in big letters. If you feel that the basic black colour is too mainstream and monochrome is a big no-no, then animal print will definitely come to your rescue. Make sure to opt for nude make-up and the let the outfit be the star of the day.

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