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  • September 26, 2019

If you are thinking that leggings as the preferred bottomwear for women is going to stay here for all, then yes you are absolutely right! The only thing is that the boring essence shouldn’t come in and the manufacturers are making the conscious effort to add that extra zing to these bottomwear. As a private label business owner if you feel that you have some ‘wow’ ideas, then implement those and make your stock of private label leggings a hit with the crowd.

The floral ray-like design adding zest

If you feel that leggings need some real funky tweaks along with the feminine appeal, then ensure that you go for adding some floral artwork near the tapering ends or the calves of the leggings. This can be a real chic addition and the divas who love to slip onto those leggings no matter what is the occasion that they are gracing, these can be hot cakes taking your sales graph to the next level.

The pockets are a must

The strong, independent women of today are not only in love with making their lips red, they are beauty with brains. So as a business owner if you are all set to appease these lot, then ensure that the leggings that you offer to these divas are not only fashionably wow but offer the convenience factor as well. So like pants, addition of pockets anywhere, be it the waistband or in the sides can be one hell of an idea that would please your lady customers for sure. So when briefing the design team of one of the well-known wholesale leggings suppliers ensure that you spell out your design needs with full acuity.

Cut-outs are cool

When you are ordering your wholesale custom leggings, your focus should be on how you play with the style factor making the heaps of leggings that will find place in your store’s rack, great. Cut-outs in leggings are the preferred choice, so play it up when bulk ordering your stock. You can go for a zig-zag cut-out as the side panel making the divas look sexy or have some kind of a peek-a-boo look in the waistband which you can flaunt with a short top.

So as a business owner when you are customizing your stock of bulk workout leggings, make sure that you come up with ideas that will click with your target customers. Going a bit different from the usual route can pay off in the long run in terms of cushioning up your profit graph.


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