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Capri Leggings or 7/8th Leggings: Which is The Best for You

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  • December 26, 2023

When it’s about choosing leggings, there are so many varieties available that one is bound to get confused. However, the two most popular options are Capri leggings and 7/8th leggings. So, which is the best for you? To find out, read on!

Let’s Understand the Definitions First.

What Are Capri Leggings?

The leggings that stop between the knee and the ankle are called Capri leggings. As their exact length can’t be clearly defined, there is a lot of variation in their fit. However, these leggings offer an effortlessly fashionable look to the wearer. Coming in a cropped design, they often end around the calf of your leg. A well-known capri leggings manufacturer offers a gigantic collection of the latest, comfortable bulk Capri leggings!

What Are 7/8th Leggings?

The leggings that are 7/8th the length of standard leggings are called 7/8th leggings. This means they hit just above the ankle on most women. These leggings show only a small amount of skin but this particular design makes them a lot cooler than other pant types. The fashion-forward style of these leggings offers a sleek silhouette to those who choose them. Their appeal lies in the fact that they neither drown you in fabric nor cut your legs at a random point. They offer the ideal, flattering, and leg-lengthening fit.

What Are You Looking for in Your Leggings?

When it’s about taking your pick, you need to have a clear idea of what it is you want from them. Of course, the answer isn’t the same for everyone. Once you know what you want from them, you will be easily able to choose the pair that is suitable for you.

For Highlighting Toned Calves

Have you put a lot of effort into building your calves? Do you wish to highlight them? Capri leggings can enhance toned calves well.

If You Want Longer-Looking Legs

Wish to go for such leggings that can elongate your legs? 7/8th leggings will be ideal for you. They give the illusion of length.

If You Want Skinnier Legs

Do you want your legs to appear as skinny as possible? If yes, you need to identify the thinnest part of your leg. Generally, there are three options here. Just above the ankle, just below the calf muscle, and just below the knee. Wherever this spot is in your lower leg portion, that is the spot you need your leggings to hit. So, based on the thinnest part of your leg, you can go with either Capri or 7/8th leggings.

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