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Celebrity Leggings Styles To Help You Nail The Stretchy Pant Look In 2019

  • April 1, 2019

Whenever you think of a leggings outfit, one thing definitely comes to your mind, Comfort. Since the time of its inception leggings have been associated with athleisure clothing for its sporty feel and laidback style. But celebrities are adorning the leggings as a substitute to the skinny denim pant. Which means the good old leggings have been introduced in the mainstream style like any pair of pants. With so many different variations of it available in the market, styling one becomes even more fun, which is a bonus point.

Generally the functional leggings are used more for the workouts than for the wardrobe. It would be advisable to stick to the basic pieces instead of opting for the performance oriented ones. Hence, one of the renowned wholesale womens leggings manufacturer has come up with an exclusive collection you can have a look at. Thus, read on to know more about the celeb approved leggings styles you can wear this year.

Blazer outfit

It seems like everybody loves to pair their favorite leggings with a pair of blazer. You can wear this to the office as well as the dinner out with the BFF. If you love to dress up in trend specific colors , then it will be advisable to select the leggings colors that are popular this spring. Hence you can choose from the pastel shades of yellow, pink or peach and pair rich dark toned blazers with it to create an interesting contrasting look.

Kardashian Way

If you dare to go skinny for the entire outfit, then take your next outfit inspiration from Kim Kardashian. She’s known for sporting all the weirdly sensual outfits that are not too bold yet stylish. Hence wear a fitted cropped top that can be worn with a leather leggings and boots. If you still wish to add some layer to the outfit, then a fur jacket will help you do the trick.

High-waisted show off

This outfit is great for showing off your developing abs. All you need to do wear a high waisted leggings with mesh detailing with a cropped sweatshirt. This outfit is sexy as much as it is sporty. Models like Emily Ratajkowski are often spotted in these outfits for a casual daytime look. For the shoes, make sure to select platform sneakers to complete the look.

Preppy and cute

Taylor Swift surely knows how to rock the preppy look even in her leggings outfits. Hence, all you need to do is wear a black leggings with lace details along the hemline. A flannel shirt knotted on the front is the best way to add the edge. Not to forget the varsity jacket that you can pair with it which will definitely add the required warmth.

Your highness

Sometimes pairing a trench coat with leggings can really accentuate your outfit for the day. For starters it is extremely comfortable and you can literally throw in the trench after a light workout session. Meghan Markle is often spotted in one of these outfits . The best way to add some pop of color to your outfit is by adorning a colorful canvas shoe.

Business owners who want to include trendy leggings in their store can get in touch with a popular leggings Canada wholesale manufacturer. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing that the supplier has in store and state the bulk needs of the same to the help team.

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