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Chic Leggings Style For Every Week of The Day

  • February 20, 2019

Leggings is synonymous to comfort and style. A woman’s wardrobe is never complete without the existence of a trendy collection of leggings. These stretchable and flexible pants are so versatile in nature that you can pretty much wear it with anything and for the entire year. Hence, if you want to make leggings your uniform for a week then it would be advisable to go for a classic pair. In fact you can even switch between styles to suit your various moods for the next seven days. Popular wholesale leggings manufacturers have also come up with unique leggings pieces that you can have a look at. Thus, read on the bog below to know how to style leggings outfits each day of the year.


Blame it on the Monday blues, but the day should be about dressing up in something that is fun and colorful. Hence, take the help of a chambray shirt and an oversized red sweater to complete the look. Here for the bottom wear, all you need is ribbed black leggings. For the shoes opt for an ankle length boots.


Tuesday is all about some floral magic because Monday was pretty hectic and you need a little cheer me up. Hence wear a short floral dress with a light colored leggings. To add some definition to your silhouette wrap a string belt around the waist and you’re done for the day!


Some gothic vibes for Wednesday to remind yourself that you cannot let go off your patience with the work pressure! Thus, choose a cropped tank top and a leather jacket as a cool upper wear. For the bottom, leather accented leggings should be your safe bet. For the shoes, opt for studded converse to add some edge to your look.


Incorporate some camo print for your Thursday outfit. Weekend is almost near and you cannot wait to go out with your friends. An oversized camo sweater layered on top of a white oxford shirt will do the trick of looking effortlessly stylish. Brown loafers are a safe bet you can opt for to complete the look.


For Friday you can tone down your outfit a little bit by dressing up in neutral tones. Choose a beige toned tunic and pastel pink scarf as the outfit for the day. A nice lace trimmed maroon leggings is good enough to add a feminine touch to the outfit. For the shoes, cute uggs is all you need to make the outfit instagram worthy.


Saturday is all about running errands, visiting the library and going to your favorite club for the night. Hence you can opt for a transitional outfit in which you can swap the outerwear for a glamorous look for the night. Hence, wear a mesh paneled leggings, tank and cardigan for the day.

For the night you can swap the cardigan for a bling blazer and bold eyes to complete the look.


For Sunday is about introspection and spending time with yourself doing creative things. Hence, unless you’re going out you can simply wear an outfit that consists of a simple oversized top and a plain neutral toned leggings.

Thus, if you want to be a part of the leggings parade then make sure to get in touch with a renowned wholesale leggings Canada manufacturer. You can get in touch with the customer care team and state your required bulk needs.


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