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Different Ways You Can Wear Seamless Leggings Outside Of The Gym

  • November 14, 2018

If you’ve ever had the experience of chaffing between your thighs, then you’re not the only on out there. The struggle is real, and it can really mess up with your outfit. Sometimes even if you put effort into avoiding it, chances are that you might still suffer from it. Hence, the solution here is a nice pair of womens seamless leggings. Even though seamless leggings are perfect for workout since it is sweat wicking and compressed in nature, it can be worn otherwise as a casual outfit too. For this you need a little inspiration. Wearing seamless leggings as casual wear requires you to follow some rules, hence read on the blog below to find out how you can create unique looks with it.

Athleisure lover

The first look is all about creating an off-duty athleisure look – For this outfit all you need is a bomber jacket, sports bra and a pair of solid colored seamless leggings. To spice up the look you can opt for a neon toned sports bra, cause that will be the highlight of the outfit. For the footwear, opt for a converse shoe in pop color so that it complements the sports bra.

Less is more

The next look is pretty easy to style and carry. Pick a light neutral shaded top and wear it with a floral motif seamless legging. To add some chic factor to the look, all you have to do is knot the top in the front instead of wearing t like you always do. Works perfect if you layer the top by wearing a tank underneath it. You can try grocery shopping to club-hopping, all with the same look.

Teen throwback

This ensemble is borrowed from your teen style look book. For a cute autumn look, layer your denim shorts with a seamless legging and add some multiple layer, cardigan and scarf to bulk up the look. Ankle length boots are perfect, but you can also choose to wear loafers or converse. It would be advisable to stick to warm colors of the fall.

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