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Do’s And Don’ts Of Putting On Leggings

  • September 14, 2021

Leggings never go outdated. They are always popular and in huge demand. In fact, one of the notable leggings manufacturers in Canada have come up with a really breath taking collection of leggings lately which comprises of fitness leggings, solid color leggings, seamless leggings, custom leggings and more.

What you need to make sure of is you pair them nicely with the rest of your outfits. While style is totally personal and you can do what works best for you, still there are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

The do’s

When it’s about styling your leggings, shorter dresses and tunic style shirts makes a great choice. If you happen to be someone who’s a bit conservative then ensure that the top covers till the part where the zipper of a pant would be. In other words, cover your assets.

Take your leggings as a base and go for layers to finish your look. Most women will agree on this that they often make you lazy considering the fact that they are so easy to put on. You can add pieces to your outfit, thus looking great and yet comfortable. Team a tunic with your leggings and add a kimono, or may combine a long tee, a pretty denim jacket and converse.

If you love experimenting with your clothing then this is news for you. You can try your leggings with different footwear. While the ballet flats do great in summer, the knee high boots are an absolute match for the winters. Just remember that your shoes aren’t too big.

Match your leggings with a loose top. Smooth, flowy tops are not only comfortable to wear but they will also make sure that your entire doesn’t look cheap. Sweaters, jackets, oversized shirts work well. All you need to remember is there is a difference between over sized and huge.

The don’ts

Don’t go for just solid color leggings. Though they are easier to team with a top but they are also less forgiving at the same time. There are so many cute prints made available today which look super trendy. But you don’t you have to be loud and bold with your patterns. Leggings with small floral prints and dark backgrounds look amazing.

Never wear leggings that are too small. There cannot be any reason good enough on why you should choose such leggings which are too tight or low cut, to the extent that they create a muffin top. On top of that, wearing leggings which are too tight can make them almost transparent which will put your private things on display. Not good, isn’t it?

Please don’t forget that there is some difference between casual and business wear. Leggings in a professional environment don’t really sound that great. While they make a great companion for a dress or skirt, you can’t really replace them with your pants. Ask any office goer, leggings worn as pants aren’t too good as a formal attire.

This is a mistake which most women commit, time and again. Never wear light colored leggings or the beige ones as they are not just unflattering but they are usually very see through. They often give other people the impression that you are roaming half naked. Ouch!

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