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what you should know about leggings

Everything That You Need to Know About Leggings

  • Gym Leggings
  • January 22, 2024

Fashionable, versatile, and comfortable— leggings have become a must-have in the closets of people all around the world. They are a popular choice for various events and occasions.

Typically crafted from reliable materials, these form-fitting clothing pieces are designed to hug the body from the waist to the ankles, offering a streamlined and snug fit.

To have complete knowledge about them, from their origin to some effective cleaning tips, give this blog a quick read!

Origin of Leggings

history of leggings

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The origin of leggings spans centuries. Under various names and forms, they were worn for protection and warmth by both men and women. Just like how the trew pants of the Scottish Highlands were a common bottom wear, the separate hose worn by men from the 14th to 16th centuries in Europe were leggings as well. Some native Americans went for separate leggings of buckskin leather. They were adopted by the French fur trappers, long hunters, and later by mountain men. During that time, leggings crafted out of wool were pretty common.

In the form of skin-tight trousers, leggings made their way into fashion in the 1960s and were then worn with a large belt and ballet flats or slip-on high heels.

By the early 1990s, in many parts of the US, leggings used to be outselling jeans!

Leggings made a comeback in the world of high fashion, especially in indie culture in the year 2005. Capri-length leggings were partnered with mini skirts and this resurgence continued till the next 2 years.

Today, leggings are widely used as casual wear and fitness wear. Thanks to the innovative and experimenting looks of popular style icons, they are also worn on special occasions.

Leggings as Casual Bottom Wear

As an everyday casual bottom wear, leggings first gained immense popularity in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

Being the perfect blend of style and comfort makes them the No. 1 choice for lounging at home, running errands, and meeting up with friends. When you pair them with long-hemmed tops, tunics, and oversized sweaters, they offer you a relaxed and fashionable appearance. You can use them as a layer under other clothing items such as dresses and skirts. They are great as a way of complimenting an attire or as undergarments for warmth. If you wish to wear them as pants, you need to ensure they fit well and are not see-through.

Leggings as Fitness Wear

In the 18 th C, people started to use leggings more as a form of exercise wear. Women began to wear them for activities like walking and horse riding.

These days, whether it’s sports, Zumba, jogging, running, walking, or hitting the gym, fitness leggings or gym leggings are crucial. Engineered from special fabrics such as spandex, nylon, and cotton blends, other than bringing comfort and being durable, they offer unrestricted flexibility and movement, help prevent injuries, lessen muscle soreness, and enhance performance. Investing in a high-quality pair helps you to work out with ease. And, when you get them from a dependable fitness leggings manufacturer, you get the total assurance of grabbing the best!

how leggings can be worn

Styling Options with Gym Leggings

No more are those days when styling gym leggings meant simple tees and solid-color pairs, day after day. Choosing snug-fit high-waisted gym leggings, you can wear them in the following ways:

Mix and Match

To add dimension to your gym leggings ensemble, matching and mixing different fabrics and textures is a fail-proof way. For a fun yet edgy appearance, you can style them with a statement crop top or cropped sweatshirt.

Layer Up

Get your layering on point girl. For a more athletic look, pair the leggings with a sports bra or a crop top. For an off-duty look, you can layer them with an oversized sweatshirt.


If you wish to take your gym leggings from basic to cool in no time, use unusual accessories. From sunglasses to ankle socks to beanies to statement jewelry, the options are endless.

By the way, if you are someone who has used old, faded pants up until recently and is learning how to style gym leggings, then neutral colors are your safe bet. Navy, grey, and black are all fabulous options, which you can pair with any top or shoes.

how to style gym leggings

Celebs Rocking Various Kinds of Gym Leggings

There is a wide variety of workout leggings that are simply adored by celebs nowadays. The high-waisted gym leggings, known for offering excellent support during workouts, are a particular favorite of stars such as Rihanna and Zendaya. They often combine them with sports bras or crop tops. Fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Beyonce are into bold and beautiful printed leggings. Abstract, floral, and geometric prints have been spotted on the streets time and again. Celebs like Hailey Beiber and Kendell Jenner look amazing in mesh-paneled gym leggings. When it’s about demanding workouts, Tom Holland has shown his preference for compression workout leggings.

celebs rocks in leggings

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The Rise of Seamless Leggings

The high-waisted seamless leggings were first released in the year 2017. A senior womenswear designer, Lois Woodcock, tried to create something that matched the hype of the Flex and thus the high-waisted seamless leggings came into existence. From the idea to production, they became an instant hit everywhere.

The experienced and creative designer explained, ‘’The original seamless leggings had glute-
enhancing shading – we have kept this element but improved the overall fabrics’’.

These leggings are in high demand for workouts as the materials are stretchable and soft and they go effortlessly with your movements while exercising. They offer a great workout experience to a fitness lover without sacrificing durability and comfort. No seams mean no chafe, so you can exercise irritation-free with seamless leggings. In addition, they are super lightweight. They give a second-skin feel.

Scrunch Butt Leggings Soaring to Popularity

As more and more women wanted their butts to look perfectly shaped and round while working out, it gave birth to the scrunch butt leggings.

The scrunch butt leggings are made with the help of a special sewing technique which creates a gathered appearance. Emphasizing your butt cheeks, these leggings make you look hotter and more desirable.

Other than creating a fuller bottom, of perfect shape, they help to highlight your curves as well. The effect is simply eye-gripping when you combine them with high-waisted cuts.

When buying scrunch butt leggings, make sure the pair has a gusset, a V-shaped waistband at the back, and isn’t too tight.

Men Wearing Gym Leggings

Breaking free from the common misconception that leggings in any form are just for women, many men (celebs and commoners alike) have been including workout leggings in their gym routines. Do you want to try them but don’t know how to choose male leggings?

Well, you just need to remember a few things:

  • Choose top-quality materials as they make the leggings long-lasting and durable. Lycra
    leggings for men contain spandex, which is a highly technical and stretchable fabric.
  • If you are going for normal leggings and not the seamless version, then make sure the seams are designed to follow the lines of your muscles, offering support to the major muscles such as your quads and hamstrings.
  • To ensure your assets stay in place, go for leggings that come with an extra drawstring
    feature, as it will offer you a more personalized fit.
  • If you want to go commando underneath, get hold of opaque leggings.

Most-Loved Leggings Colors

most popular leggings colors

Purple, green, blue, grey, black, pink, red, and white are the most popular colors in leggings. If you want to look great in solid-colored leggings, then settle for the dark shades as they are considered to be the most flattering options, irrespective of your skin tone. To make your butt look bigger, grey and jet-black are the best options.

Want to make your glutes look even more attractive than they already are? Go for scrunch butt leggings in pitch-black or grey. These high-waisted leggings cinched right where your tailbone starts are just perfect for the job!

The Buzz-Creating Printed Leggings

From Aztec to aqua-vibe variety to baroque to tribal, and more, though there are never-ending options in printed leggings, still, the ones that have been making headlines recently are floral prints, animal prints, and geometric prints. While floral-print leggings look soothing to the eyes, geometric-print leggings are cool and voguish, and animal-print leggings are perfect to express the wild side.

Skinny printed leggings with a side cut are trending. To achieve loads of praise and compliments, couple them with solid-colored slimming silhouettes. Printed fitness leggings can cheer you up once you start getting exhausted working out.

Metallic Varieties of Leggings

Metallic leggings in numerous colors such as silver, golden, brown, and neon pink, are loved by fashion-forward women. It’s impossible to stay away from the glam and shine of the metallic varieties. Perfect for parties, night-outs, and clubs, they add a touch of sparkle to the rest of your ensemble. Metallic leggings help you go bold and crazy whenever you wish. If you want to obtain a unique look and raise some eyebrows, statement metallic tones in neon shades are just perfect. Monochrome metallic leggings, textured metallic leggings, and flared metallic leggings have been stealing the spotlight lately.

Leggings as Festive Wonders

To double the happiness during festivities, manufacturers bring a special leggings collection for each celebration every time.

leggings outfit ideas or festive seasons

For Easter

You can find leggings in different designs to spend Easter more joyfully with your friends and family. Leggings with beautifully decorated eggs and carrots, bunnies hopping around, leggings with chicks, spring flowers, and Easter baskets add a lighter and fun-filled mode to a legging.

For Halloween

Want a frighteningly fab look for Halloween? Put your faith in the Halloween leggings. These leggings feature different kinds of spooky prints that include classic skulls, black cats, bats, witches, pumpkins, and more.

For Christmas

Leggings displaying reindeer, Santa, Xmas decorations, and snowmen can get you into the holiday spirit in no time. Cozy fleece and fur-lined Christmas leggings are very popular. They are the best if you live in a colder region.

For New Year

To welcome New Year in style, nothing can be better than New Year leggings. Leggings
demonstrating champagne, disco balls, fireworks, and other party imagery can bring a lot of cheer, fun, and excitement to your outfit.

Custom Design Ideas for Leggings

Are you a business owner planning to go for leggings customization, wishing to stand apart with your collection? Need some cool ideas? Have a look at the list below:

  • To help your customers stay dry and comfortable throughout the workout session, you can
    design the leggings with mesh panels. Fabricated from a breathable and moisture-wicking
    material, they provide ventilation as well as a stylish look to the wearer.
  • Imagine snug-fit leggings, embellished with tone-on-tone rhinestones, coming with an
    elasticated waistband. Isn’t that great? They will be perfect for those divas who have a thing
    for bold and unique pieces and love everything girly.
  • For those who want to stay and look cool for sure during warmer months, you can design
    the leggings with crisscross knots at the side or you can make them ripped.
  • Private label business owners can go logo-play, embroidery embossing and everything that imagination can hold to offer something unique to their customers.

What to Know Before Washing Leggings?

washing guide for leggings

Leggings, need cleaning and care in a fuss-free way. Below are a few quality tips that you should remember:

  • Letting your leggings air out before washing them will make things easier for you.
  • Before washing, soak your leggings in half a cup of white vinegar mixed with cold water.
  • Stay away from fabric softener as it can damage the stretchable materials, creating a coating on them, that can trap foul smells.
  • Go for a specially formulated fitness clothing detergent but don’t use it too much.
  • Wash your leggings inside out to help safeguard colors.
  • If you want your leggings to keep smelling fresh for longer, add an odor eliminator.
  • Air dry your leggings on a clothing rack or special hangers.

Right from fashion statements to fitness wear, leggings are here to stay and continue to evolve! This bottom wear is riding high from the pages of history to now becoming the fashion world staple. So fashion business owners know now what to stock up on for surging reviews.

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