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Fashion Is Evolving And So Is Technology

  • July 30, 2020

‘Fashion is luxury’ is no longer a misconception but a 100% grammatically accurate buzzword of today, because it is the ultimate mix of warmth, fashion spirit, and efficiency.

Seamlessly blending into the high paced lifestyle of customers, athletic apparel carries onboard virtues such as easy drying, odor tolerance, moisture-wicking, and longevity. Apart from this, printing is a necessary method for this fashion, and there is no question that the demand for specific prints from customers is growing. Because leggings wholesale australia have often been at the forefront of sportswear as well as they can be worn regularly, it is no exaggeration to suggest that the theme in athletics is influenced by leggings.

The latest trends in the application of heat transfer and sublimation

Poly transparent gloss sublimation printing is a recent technology. With this process, the setting of heat will put in texture to the clothing or alter its measurements. Foils and metallic are also major trends in F / W 2021. The foiling may be added via the method of setting the heat sublimation. There are now modern foil inks that can be used and added to the heat-setting paper. The method is to attach the foil to the cloth. Apart from that, gradients are also becoming common.

Problems these implementations have and their effect on clothes if they are not properly executed

Direct-to-wear printing will be matched to the specifications; if the cloth has a minor pressure or if the angle is wrong when inserted into the printer, the output would be distorted. Products will always be equipped to hold pigment as you can with dye sublimation. Pre-prep fabric is also the biggest worry with both dye-sub and DTG. If the pre-treatment is not applied, the color may be washed more easily than anticipated, the color intensity may be diluted and, eventually, the color clarity can be low.

However, direct-to-fabric or DTG allows companies to broaden the color ranges that designers previously failed to attain in the dye sub-paper phase. The color of the gamut and the skin tones were much better than before. The downside of direct-to-fabric or textile printing is the higher penetration of fabrics. A white element can also be applied to the direct-to-garment.

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