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Five Memorable Fashion Icons’ Looks That Prove Workout Leggings Can Be Worn Anywhere

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  • July 31, 2023

Who says that you can’t wear workout leggings as pants? Of course, you can! These leggings are so comfortable and stylish that you can wear them anywhere you like, and not just to the gym.
Leggings worn as pants were once considered to be a fashion disaster but then it was a few years before. With the change in times, the situation has changed, with many people (especially popular celebs) experimenting and succeeding with the look.

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As long as you remember these 5 simple tips mentioned below, you can wear workout leggings, wherever and whenever you want, right from brunches to date nights to weekend outings and beyond:

Mesh Panel + Crop Top = Rosie Huntington

It’s the way you style your tops with leggings that gives them a fitness-wear look. When you show your waistband with crop tops and tuck your cuffs into high-top sneakers or boots, it gives your outfit a total statement look. You can try it or leave it depending on your own personal preference of course, but leggings as pants are nothing to be ashamed of girls! Take inspiration from Rosie Huntington’s neon-green and grey sneakers, black mesh leggings, and a black crop top! With the baseball cap, black shades, and handheld tote, she absolutely nailed it!

inspired by fashion icons

Madison Beer’s Ensemble is A Match Made in Heaven

Nothing can be more delightful than French tucking an oversized sweatshirt or jacket into plain leggings. To take things to the next level, do wear your white socks like you would have worn knee-high boots and finish it with classic crisp white sneakers, just like how Madison Beer did in West Hollywood. If you want to look super chic then do make sure that the sweatshirt or the jacket is in black or grey.

Ready to Shine like Olivia Culpo?

Okay, it can be like you need to go to the gym as soon as you are done meeting that old friend of yours or after taking care of whatever business you have outside. To get a combined look in such a situation, go with fashion-forward details such as a not-so-casual sweatshirt, shiny leather leggings, a black structured bag, and white sneakers. In short, follow the lead of Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Palermo’s Puffer Jacket Look

Do you know that the puffer jacket with a ruffled detail that you have kept hidden in your closet for a long time can go great with your navy workout leggings? A cool crop top bra underneath the jacket and some funky accessories can give the look the perfect finish. If Olivia Palermo can kill in the look, then you can as well. Come on, keep faith in yourself!

Lace-up Fun of Hannah Brown And J’Lo

One particular legging style that is making a buzz for quite some time is the lace-up leggings. Styled often by celebs like Hannah Brown and J’Lo, the lace-up detail gives the leggings more functionality.

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