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Four Best Capri Leggings Outfits to Drool On

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  • September 1, 2023

Leggings are so comfortable, lightweight, and truly fashionable that you can’t help but get obsessed with them. For those thinking but they feel a bit too much during summers’, well, you can always shift to Capri leggings during the hot season.

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This is How You Wear Them

Styling the capri leggings is no rocket science. In fact, it’s very much like wearing everyday leggings. Long shirts, tunics, or shirt dresses, you can pair them with almost anything you want.

Check out a few most jaw-dropping ways to style Capri leggings:

With Short Skirts

Capri leggings and short skirts are like a match made in heaven. Going for such a combination, you can experiment with bold colors. If you want to keep things modest but love short skirts, then Capri leggings are just what you are going to need. You can walk, stand, sit, jump, twirl, and do anything you want in a short skirt, once you have worn Capri leggings underneath it. In fact, when you wear the right piece, it makes your short skirt look hotter. Corduroy, denim, and other stiff materials are the best options to go with these leggings.

With Short Dresses

You can wear Capri leggings with different kinds of dresses but they look best with short dresses. You can sport this combination in both casual as well as official events. These leggings can help tone down a super-hot dress without killing the look. Pick neutral-colored leggings when wearing bold-patterned or floral dresses. You can never go wrong with brown, black, or blue. If you are wearing a solid-colored dress then you can always make things fun and spicy with the help of printed Capri leggings.

With Crop Tops

It’s always advised to wear leggings with a top that covers your butt, however, it’s not absolutely necessary. You can boldly flaunt a beautiful Capri legging by wearing it with a crop top. This look is just perfect for a night out with friends. Consider going for loose crop tops though, as they will keep you dry and comfortable. For underwear, choose either thongs or seamless underwear. If you want to look a little more than just casual then try a blazer and heels along with them.

With Baggy Tees

A baggy tee and Capri leggings combination look effortlessly casual and so cool. However, this won’t mean you can wear anything. The best oversized tees will be loose around the sleeves and wider in the body. Make sure to keep your accessories simple.

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