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How to Choose The Best Pair of Leggings For Any Workout?

  • August 13, 2018

Whether you’re riding at your indoor cycling class, sprinting on the running path, downward dogging during yoga, or kicking butt at boot camp, one thing’s for certain: You probably have a go-to pair of workout leggings. They’re perfect, from fit like, uber-comfy to fashion. Below, is given a detailed guideline and consumer feedback regarding the ideal fit-bottomed performance leggings from which you as a reader should decide which suits you well. One of the reputed fitness leggings suppliers have a collection of the different types of leggings that are mentioned below.

The Bottom Battle: Capri vs. Full-Length

Team Capri: This tend to gravitate to an abbreviated length. And some ladies feel like they can perform better in shorter styles. In Pilates and yoga class, there is nothing worse than when you are trying to do a move and your foot is sliding off the fabric of your full-length leggings, some women are even of the view that it makes them feels like a “legit fitness goddess”.

Team Full-Length: According to popular opinion, longer styles are definitely more flattering, for a tall girl, this is like being chopped in half. Full-length makes everything looks longer. In addition, others have chimed in that the longer style actually helps prevent slips during yoga class—the fabric absorbs sweat so you’re not trying to balance on slippery skin.

The Bottom Battle: Solid vs. Patterns

Team Solid: Classic black goes with everything and doesn’t show sweat or dirt. The darker shades are more preferred than the light ones because these shades are more flattering on curvy women. Also, lighter colors sometimes make the sweat marks visible. And to be honest, darker tones also transition easily from workout to errands, brunch, and happy hour.

Team Patterns: Prints make working out a bit more fun. The vintage floral prints that so much popular are surprisingly flattering and are crazy trendy right now, some of the best include camouflage, animal prints, snake skin, and loud, wild prints.

The Bottom Battle: Second Skin vs. Slightly Loose

Team Second Skin: Skin tight high rise leggings help keep everything in place through the tortures session at the gym. Not only do they increase the confidence, but also helps one feel stronger and go harder. But there is such thing as too much compression, anything that restricts movement or breathing was a no-no among the women polled.

Team Slightly Loose: To some women the idea of wearing snug clothing scares me. Mostly they love pants that have flare legs even though it seems kind of out of style, but it’s definitely flattering of course you have to take performance into consideration, too. If you’re doing a lot of lateral exercises or jumping, any extra fabric may get in your way.

Hence, women out there who are crazy fitness freaks do look into all the aspects before choosing a high quality performance oriented gym legging. Retailers can include such exclusive pieces in their stock by dropping a mail to the wholesale leggings usa suppliers and requesting a quote for the product.


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