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How To Find The Best Cycling Leggings For Your Cardio?

  • September 7, 2020

There comes a point when the temperature drops but you still want to ride. ‘Tis the season then to don long tights or knickers to ward off the chill and extend the cycling season. Don’t worry as one of the best leggings manufacturers in the industry has curated a designer collection of women’s fitness bottom-wear that is perfect for your workout needs.

Retail business owners can check out the bulk collection to know more. Meanwhile read on to learn how to choose the best cycling tights so you can ride all year.

  • Full leg length tights are the optimal choice for true cold weather or wet riding. During shoulder seasons like spring or fall, capri leggings are great as they provide more protection than shorts, but will not retain heat like full-length tights.
  • Nylon spandex is the base material for cycling tights. While stretchy and form-fitting, the material doesn’t breathe well, so manufacturers add in other materials to make their own proprietary fabric blends to increase wicking, breathability and comfort. For a beginner the most important fabric choice is based around the weight or thickness of the material. A lighter fabric will be cooler and breathe better, while a thicker version will be warmer and is likely to be more durable.
  • Not all long tights will have a built-in chamois as some are designed to pull over cycling shorts you are already wearing. Most capri leggings will have one. Definitely do not double up on chamois. That will guarantee an uncomfortable ride.
  • While there are many shapes, thicknesses and densities to be found in both men’s and women’s chamois, there are three main types available today: multi-density, open cell foam, open cell gel, and closed cell. Many chamois will use a combination of materials to provide optimal comfort and performance.
  • Traditionally it is considered that the more panels your leggings have, the better. Bibs with 8, 10, or 12 panels will typically fit better than a 2 or 4‑panel pair. The requirement here is that some high-end versions are utilizing new, high-tech fabrics and will often have fewer panels. In some cases the whole short is a single unit.
  • Ankle zippers are more common on tights meant for layering and make removing them over shoes easier too. So lookout for such functional designs before choosing your leggings.

Surprise your female customers for the fall-winter season and find the best collection of wholesale workout leggings that the supplier has in store. These are perfect for alleviating the winter fitness routine. Hence, wait no more and have a look through the vast assortment of leggings that the manufacturer has designed for bulk sale.

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