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How To Find The Perfect Fitness-Wear For Your Daily Dance Fitness Routine?

  • July 14, 2020

Nothing is more depressing than a bland and uninteresting dancewear wardrobe. However, with athleisure clothing in vogue, it is now possible to figure out an outfit that is perfect for your dance studio, which also lets you flaunt your style after the class is done. Although the style of dancewear varies according to the different dance types, it is essential that the garments are lightweight, breathable, made with stretchy fabrics which provide dancers with comfort and freedom of movement. Hence, one of the popular leggings distributor in the country has curated a unique collection of women’s dance clothes that retailers can have a look at!


For ballet, the traditional look is a leotard, wrap-around ballet skirt or tutu, and ballet shoes. Most ballet studios have a standard dress code fitted, but comfortable tights and leotards are the perfect outfit option for you.


Jazz dancers have a lot of freedom in styles and color choices. Essentials of a jazz dancer’s wardrobe include leotard with tights or a form-fitting top with jazz pants. Soft, leather jazz shoes are a must-have accessory for jazz dancers.

Hip Hop, and Other Dance Styles

Dancewear for modern, Hip Hop and other dance styles do not have a dress code. But dancers still follow one. Modern or lyrical dancers prefer a leotard or a form-fitting top, footless tights or tight, stretchable non-flaring pants. Hip Hop style is all about grunge look, with baggy, loose-fitting clothes. Hip Hop dancers prefer to wear shoes, modern dancers often go barefoot or wear comfortable flats.


For the zumba class, look for clothing with such functionalities that will aid in sweat absorption, extra stretch, and softer feel. The clothing is meant to be comfortable and casual hence a pair of mesh leggings and tank with built on sports bra will do.

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