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How To Find The Perfect Leggings For Your Body Type?

  • September 22, 2020

Have you ever struggled with finding the ideal leggings for your body type? Chances are that yes! However, one of the popular suppliers of sublimated leggings has come up with a unique collection of leggings that boasts of such qualities that are perfect for your body type.

Hence, read on the blog below as we have mentioned the basics. The primary aspect is to look for certain performance qualities that will alleviate your workout routine and will lend a stylish aspect to your outfit as well.

For Curvy Women

If you’re just starting out and feeling a little uncertain just stick to monochromatic colors such as black.  It’s safe, stylish and versatile.  Once you’re feeling a bit braver introduce some leggings of different colors.  However if you want more flair, try a pattern, but only wear it on the bottom or top, never both.  Tunics or a dress that stop mid-thigh) and belted at the waist will draw attention to the smallest part of your figure. Avoid tops or tunics that sit on your butt or just below as this draws your eye to the widest part of your body.

For Pear Shaped Women

A classic pear shape looks great with plain leggings and a tunic dress. Think bright colors and bold patterns on top. Basically you want to lift the eye upward and create balance. Once again, make sure that tunic doesn’t sit across your butt or just below.

For Petite Women

You want to help create the illusion of height, so stick to leggings and shoes that are monochromatic as this will give the impression of length. Try pairing a nice pair of black riding boots with simple black leggings.

For Tall Women

If you have a dress or skirt that’s just a bit too short then leggings are the way to go. You can afford to be bold with patterns on top and bottom so take advantage and be adventurous. If you’re a bit self-conscious of your height then leggings look great with simple flats like ballet flats and low-heeled boots.

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