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How To Style Leggings in Winter: Eight Refreshing Looks

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  • December 1, 2023

If you are one of those people who live life in leggings, no matter what the setting is— formal, semi-formal, or casual, then you might have already started thinking about how you are going to style your leggings this winter.

Need some refreshing ideas? Keep on reading!

Look #1- With The Help of A Bomber

With an iconic bomber and ankle boots, think about mixing up your winter aesthetic. An edgy winter leggings attire is all about contrast, so don’t be scared to mix prints with a graphic sweater. You can also add colorful accessories such as a printed crossbody bag.

Look #2- Wearing A Simple Dress

Want streamlined, unexpected leggings look? Think about adding a simple sheath dress in a lightweight jersey or knit over your leggings. If you stick to a neutral, color-matched palette, you will have a complete, seamless appearance. To keep your look casual, go for sneakers, and if you wish to have a dressier look, opt for heels.

Look #3- Adding Layers

As the temperature starts to drop, you don’t need to hide yourself behind a giant overcoat. Instead, try layering on warm separates such as jackets, cardigans, and wool sweaters. Such pieces exude a sense of polish when worn with leggings, particularly when you add luxurious loafers and an iconic quilted purse.

Look #4- …And A Bulky Scarf

Play with a full-volume top and bulky scarf in order to add a bit of whimsy to your standard leggings appearance from your winter collection. Not only will it spice up your leggings outfit but will also keep you warm. It’s one of the best ways to inject color into your winter attire.

Look #5- Cozy Colors

Black leggings are undoubtedly a classic but sometimes it’s fun to swap them with something more eye-soothing. Try teaming up warm-toned or beige brown leggings with a faux-fur coat and animal print accessories. This look is as snuggly as it’s street-style-ready.

winter outfits with leggings

Look #6- Rely on A Trench Coat or A Duster

Wish to add a touch of sophistication to your casual leggings look? Think of a duster or trench coat. A trench coat looks effortless when you wear it over a sweatshirt. To give off a put-together vibe, add a more elevated layer such as a cable-knit or cashmere sweater.

Look #7- Tough Texture Play

When it comes to the leggings’ materials, everyone has a preference. Whether you are into spandex, cotton, or seamless fabric blends, it won’t harm if you step outside of your comfort fashion zone once and go for a distinctly different texture. How about pairing faux leather leggings with combat boots and a matching patent leather purse?

Look #8- Putting on Heels

Just as a pair of classic pumps work well with leggings, sneakers, and boots look good too. However, if you want to create an elevated leggings look, then consider adding heels that share the color with your outerwear.

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