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How To Style Leggings Like A Model This Winter

  • February 18, 2021

Private label leggings are such an article of clothing that can be styled any way you want to. You can make it the most highlighted part of your outfit or maybe just use it as a vehicle to drive your rest of the outfit.

Parka and Crop top

The entire “casual meets comfy” vibe is so trendy at the moment, so you can easily get away with sporting leggings and a crop top combo. Just put on a parka or duster coat for additional coverage.

Scarf, Combat boots, and Puffer coat

Snow and rain days are most people’s favorite times to pull out a pair of cozy black leggings. We adore how they complement our heavier winter pieces, such as a puffer jacket and combat boots. This combination looks even more adorable with a beanie and a plaid scarf.

Extra-large sweater

As much as we love wearing leggings with a sports bra, it’s way too chilly for a full-on spring outfit. That’s where the extra-large sweater comes in. Just throw in a pair of sunglasses and a pom-pom beanie for an easy, comfortable vibe.

High-top sneakers and a Shearling moto jacket

Our daily style always has a pinch of edge to it whether it’s with a moto-style jacket or structured handbag. We tend to keep our outfit combos basic and understand when it’s cold, so we actually leave it to lavish, edgy pieces to be the best part of our outfit. Our all-time favorite piece is a shearling moto jacket.

Sneakers and A tailored jacket

We love that leggings don’t always have to seem “off-duty.” You can style them in more eminent ways with a customized jacket. We often mix casual pieces with astute silhouettes as the result is refined without feeling like office wear. For us, that generally consists of a baseball cap, a pair of casual kicks, and a blazer.

Heeled booties and Sweater

Even though black legging will never go out of fashion, going for a high-shine pair makes a leggings attire feel updated and cool. You can dress them down or up whilst staying cozy. To dress up our patent leather leggings, we prefer to throw on a pair of heeled booties and a neutral sweater. We’ll then finish the look by cinching it in at the waist with a posh belt.

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