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How To Take Care Of Your Leggings So They Last Forever

  • October 30, 2018

To ensure that you’re taking the best care of your beloved leggings, a list of cleaning tips is given in this blog. Summer was all about toiling in the heat and sweat but its worth it given the fact that you’ve achieved your fitness goals. It is the one item of clothing in our closet that we use almost daily whether it is inside or outside the gym. But do you know how to clean them properly and maintain its longevity? That’s why this blog is here to help you. Leggings are incredibly versatile, let alone being comfortable items of clothing. But worry not, read the blog and find out how to keep them with you forever (period). One of the popular wholesale leggings manufacturers have come up with an impressive collection that you can have a look at.

1. Ensure to keep your leggings dry. Since these are made of moisture wicking material to keep you dry, these are likely to get damp after a day or week of rigorous workout. This can create a mildew smell and even cause the buildup of bacteria. Hence, it will be advisable to rinse them properly under running water after each use.

2. To ensure that your leggings stays looking and feeling like new, keep your garments away from the dryer and hang them dry instead. The artificial heat of the fryer can warp the individual threads of the fabric, distorting the shape of the garment and also degrading its quality. Therefore, let them air dry for freshness and longevity.

3. Don’t ever use fabric softeners. It is because most softeners contain silicone that can create a coat on the fabric that weakens its breathability and wicking ability. Even if you accidently wash your leggings don’t stress, as a good rinse under lukewarm running water can help get rid of the layer.

4. Spot cleaning is another thing you can opt for instead of cleaning the whole garment. This is possible when the leggings are not completely dirty and there are some stains in various spots. This ensures that you clean the spots well and evade the spread of stain to other areas.

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