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How To Wear Leggings: 4 Dos And Don’ts

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  • May 12, 2023

Just like for the classic denim jeans, there is a soft corner in the heart of every woman for leggings. However, leggings can be hard to pull off.

If you know how to wear them, they can put you in the spotlight and make you look nothing less than a showstopper.

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There are several dos and don’ts of wearing leggings that you need to follow if you want to attract the attention of the viewers your way for all the right reasons.


  • The most flattering and best way to wear leggings is through layering. Consider wearing them with a soft, flowy blouse, and a cropped leather jacket or a knitted wool coat over it.
  • Unless you have a good height, flats are not a great idea with leggings. Go for flat sandals and pumps if you are tall, otherwise, if you are on the petite end, then do wear heels. High-heeled boots, pointed-toe stilettos, and wedges would work butter smooth.
  • You need to be careful when wearing patterned or solid-color leggings. Always pair them with neutrals or simple colors on top. And if you are going with simple or neutral leggings then wear a patterned or bright dress or top. All patterns or too many colors can create a busy look that is so not flattering.
  • To create texture, go for soft embossed materials or muted or understated patterns. It offers a subtle interest in your appearance.


  • Just like clingy dresses, leggings, especially skin-tight ones are such that don’t leave much to the imagination. And, when you combine the two, a fashion disaster is bound to happen.
  • If you are a full-figured woman, then it’s better to avoid light colors. Stick to neutrals or dark colors. Even if you aren’t one, don’t match light-colored leggings with light-colored tops. It’s not really a very eye-pleasing combination.
  • See-through or sheer leggings are a bad idea until and unless you are wearing mid-thigh to knee-length dresses or tops. With the panty color out on display (all thanks to a cheap-quality fabric), you can’t go away with calling it in-trend.
  • The one question that millions want to know the answer to is ‘’are leggings tights or pants?’’ While it’s debatable, you should still wear them like you would wear a pair of tights and not pants. Cover the crotch. To form an appealing or flattering look, wear a longer-length blouse, tunic, or tee.

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