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How to Wear Leggings Modestly in The 21st Century

  • August 26, 2018


Back in the late 2000’s a trend emerged wherein women started wearing footless tights and pants. These tights were black pantyhose that ended at the ankle and were completely see through and the terrible part is women were wearing them in place of pants. But gradually the trend went through an evolution and the pants were rendered opaque. What was objectionable about the pants were the body-hugging feel and look. Now people call these pants leggings which has created something of a buzz in the athletic fashion industry. Nevertheless, bulk leggings manufacturers are making a lot of profit due to this reason. But there are a few things that a woman should keep in mind before wearing these leggings to stay modest and not create a fashion faux pass.

Dress it up

A long dress would look cute with a pair of either long or capri leggings that pretty much depends upon the weather. Make sure that the color of the dress and the leggings is complementary and you’re going to look stylish in the outfit. To prep up the look you can clench a belt around the waist and you’re good to go!

Long plaid shirt

A long plaid shirt and leggings with a pair of boots is the perfect outfit for the Fall. Pair a tan boot with the outfit and some leg warmers and see the magic of the cozy style. You can even wear shirts of other styles as well that matches your personal vibe instead of a plaid shirt.

Oversized top mantra

When you pair an oversized top with a legging it is assured that the upper wear will safely hide your rear without exposing the unwanted parts. For summer you can try this look with a capri legging similarly during the winter you can wear an oversized top with a long legging an oversized cardigan. This makes for the perfect outfit for a dinner with the family or a Christmas party.

Skirt it up

Another way to wear a legging appropriately is to pair it under a skirt. Even though this outfit is winter oriented it is also one of the extremely stylish ways to wear a skirt and leggings. For the top wear a sweater or a full sleeved satin top to make it look dressy and chic. This outfit choice is great for meetings, dinner with colleagues or even brunch with friends.

The trench coat look

For monsoons a trench coat, leggings and boots will look extremely stylish. This look is suitable for all sorts of occasions. It can be worn in the formal office setting as well as to the movies with the friends. Hence style the outfit with the right type of accessories and people are going to take a note of your garment.

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