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How To Wear Printed Leggings: 6 Eye-Popping Outfit Ideas

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  • April 17, 2023

Okay, if you are not used to featuring a lot of patterns in your outfits, then wearing animal-printed leggings can feel a bit difficult. Also, if you think that animal prints must be worn with only neutral colors then know this— it’s anything but true.

Trying something fun and innovative is always great. Besides, no harm will come if you follow this quick guide given below on how to wear printed leggings like a pro!

Snakeskin Print Works Well!

Animal print doesn’t only mean leopard print. The printed leggings manufacturers bring a diverse range these days and one of them is the edgy snakeskin print. To rock the look, all you need to do is team it with white, beige, grey, and other similar colors. Sky blue and pastel hues can also make awesome snakeskin print partners.

The Denim touch to the Leopard Print

The safest animal print leggings look is when you pair the classic leopard print leggings with pale denim shirts. Solid colors can smoothly go with the bold print and denim will add elegance to the otherwise edgy outfit. To accessorize the outfit, wear a crisp white cowboy hat and a pair of coral-red heels and hit the road.

Go Crazy Experimenting

The famous anaconda snakeskin print looks really wow if you know how to wear it correctly. It should be combined with a basic shade to remain on the safe end, however, if you are someone who has always been daring in life then consider wearing them with a striped orange full-sleeve top. Opt for a classic beige leather bag and black high-heeled sandals to complete the look.

Adding in Graphic Tees

The fun, wacky abstract print leggings look great with graphic tees displaying texts. To get a jaw-dropping look, add a black fashion jacket to the mix. Settle for simple white sneakers and a casual backpack.

A Not-So-Casual Look

Not always a busy design but just a little bit of leopard touch here and there can go on a long way. The more monochromatic and simpler the rest of your appearance, the more the leopard print on your leggings will pop. Club them with beige sandals, a beige striped blouse, and a satchel in the same shade with a hint of black in it and you will be good to go! For this not-so-casual look, tie your hair in a high ponytail.

Mix A Biker Jacket

Another eye-catching leopard print leggings look is when you wear one with a military green top, black leather biker jacket, and white sports shoes. It’s a perfect combination if you are into vintage looks.

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