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It’s official: Leggings as Pants Will be for Everyone This Year

  • Gym Leggings
  • March 20, 2024

Who says that leggings can’t be worn as pants? Of course, they can be. As per 2024 leggings fashion trends, they can totally be!

For many years, the debate on whether it’s socially appropriate to wear leggings as pants in public has been fiery hot. While those who are in favor of it say that the stretchable, casual, and comfortable quality of the leggings are the very reasons why they can be worn as pants in public, those against it use these reasons for not being in favor of this trend.

What is Witnessed in The Latest Fashion Scene?

what is the latest fashion scene in leggings

The story that the fashion weeks of this season tell is that leggings are pants now more than ever it was before. In Paris, at the Belgian-Italian fashion designer, Anthony Vaccarello’s eye-popping show, leggings were styled beneath boxy coats and oversized leather jackets. And, in the famed French fashion designer, Marine Serre’s show, leggings were paired with figure-hugging tops and kitten heels.

Other popular brands also came in support of the clingy trend by reimagining the cool and comfortable piece into something much more luxurious, partnering them with chunky knitwear and dinner jackets. On March 5, a popular luxury sports fashion French company also showed its first collection under a new creative director, demonstrating a wide variety of legging appearances amidst a uniquely dressy collection. Unlike other shows, this particular brand’s leggings-only looks were also shown on men (so, if you are a man reading this blog and someone who has always had a thing for the leggings but has never shown it, now is your chance to give it a try!). While leggings have been used as a part of a sporty, fitness look for years, this brand proposed it as a unisex thing in a more everyday setting.

If you take a look at the past, in athleisure, leggings first became the go-to piece to pair with sweaters, fleece jackets, and oversized hoodies, in the mid-2010s. They were favored by almost every young lady across the world as they were like a cherry on top of a practical and comfortable everyday look.

By introducing ‘’pantalegging’’ in 2022, a luxury fashion house founded in Spain made a bold statement. It was a high-fashion alternative to leggings. The conversation regarding the leggings-as-pants fashion trend was all over everywhere when Kim Kardashian sported pantaleggings in the then-new campaign of the brand.

Coming back to the current fashion scene, leggings as pants are getting high-end treatment in 2024 and you can expect them to be a wardrobe staple that will replace pants this winter!

Do you want some smart tips on how to wear leggings as pants this year? Check out the list given below:

Go for Leggings Crafted from Thicker Fabrics

Leggings that are crafted out of thin, cheap-quality materials can look more like stockings or tights rather than pants under bright lighting. So, if you want them to look like pants, you will achieve the desired outcome by going for leggings that are crafted out of thicker fabrics and top-notch materials. A major reason behind this is such leggings are less sheer which helps them to look more like regular pants at a glance.

Cover The Bottom

leggings with long coat look

It’s not just in the athleisure area that leggings can be easily worn as pants but on the casual fashion front too. The trick is to reach out for tops that cover most or all of your backside. Go for tops that not only fit you correctly across the shoulders but also cover your bottom when you are standing up. Are you thinking about the oversized ones? Of course, they work as well. Just make sure they are close to your chest and shoulder measurements. And, if you want to make leggings look like polished-looking pants, throw on a jacket, sweater, or long coat.

Opt for Sports Leggings for The Latest, Athleisure Look

sports leggings as a bottom wear

Sports leggings are exactly what you need if you wish to go for a trendy, athleisure look. Their design and feel are pretty similar to track bottoms or yoga pants with the only prime difference being they hug your body like second skin, offering you the sort of comfort, feel, and appearance that you can only get from leggings.

Consider Twill and Denim Leggings

denim leggings as bottom wear

If you want leggings that not only look like pants but also feel similar to them, you should consider the twill and denim leggings. Such leggings are constructed from twill and denim-like materials while maintaining the stretchability of regular leggings. While still being as comfortable and breathable as any pair of regular leggings, they have a similar aesthetic to slim-fit jeans and chinos. These leggings are your best bet if you want leggings that can be smoothly used as pants.

Faux leather Fun for Winter Fashion

warm yourself with faux leather leggings

When it’s winter, the faux leather leggings are unbeatable. They have an appearance that is the closest to pants. You just need to pair them with the right top and shoes. For instance, a pair of faux leather leggings can look oh-so-chic with a long furry coat, a regular-fit full-sleeve t-shirt, and stylish pointed-toes. Imagine the entire thing in monochrome.

As far as the styles are concerned, flared leggings, tummy-control leggings, and stirrup leggings are pretty ‘in’ these days. When you are accessorizing your leggings as pants look, try and don’t go for excessive jewelry and Crocs. Also, to maintain a sleek and polished look, skip the belt altogether. Soft, smooth, and silky scarves can help to a great extent to get a classy, refined appearance. Though it ultimately depends on your taste and preferences, belts, Crocs, and excessive jewelry are anything but cool.

Concluding Lines

So, it’s probably the biggest news for you if you are someone who has always loved to wear leggings as pants and if you have been one of those against this trend, by this time, you might have already made up your mind to at least give it a try!

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