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Leggings Vs Tights: Understanding the Main Differences

  • June 15, 2022

Wondering what makes leggings different from tights? First of all, let us highlight the fact that leggings are close-fitted pants with an elastic waistband which are made with an opaque material. And tights are sheer and skin-tight leg pieces that cover your legs as well as feet. Here, we’ll look into more such distinctions that make both of these legwear unique from each other. As a business owner, on the lookout for women’s workout leggings, you should associate with an acknowledged wholesale gym leggings UK manufacturer with an extensive leggings collection.


The basic shape of both these bottom-wear for ladies is similar but the major difference in design is that fitness leggings end at the ankle while tights fully cover your feet. Plus, leggings have a visible elasticized waist while tights fade as they move up to the waistline, forming an indistinct and separate waistband. Nowadays, you can find workout leggings to showcase various designs such as those with panels, mesh, pockets or vents. But you’ll find tights to exhibit the same standard design without any add-ons.

Material make

Leggings and tights are usually constructed with two different categories of fabric. Tights generally feature a thin and sheer nylon fiber while leggings are made with cotton or polyester material that’s blended with expandable spandex. Athletic leggings, in particular, are crafted with high amount of spandex or even completely from spandex or Lycra to make them extra stretchy and sweat-wicking to lend you maximum workout comfort. So, leggings are a more durable athleisure wear to sport that you can replace with pants.


Usually, leggings are more snug-fitting than tights. Leggings fit quite close to your skin but can be seen to display an array of sassy cuts and styles, including low-rise, high-waisted or knee-length ones. Tights usually are high-rise comprising of an elastic waist that ends at your normal waistline.


Leggings being crafted with a thicker and heavier material offer ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable during workout. But tights having a high denier deliver higher insulation, making them a warmer choice than leggings and a less breathable bottom-wear. Also, you can explore tights that are woven with extra-warm fabrics such as silk or merino wool to keep your legs protected in the cold.

As a retailer, willing to curate athletic leggings for ladies, you should collaborate with a celebrated wholesale leggings Canada supplier. The ever-expanding catalog of such a leggings manufacturing unit will enable you to avail soft and stylish fitness leggings, solid-colored leggings, seamless leggings, capris and other expandable leggings in ravishing designs.


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