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Nano-Technology Features You Need to Lookout For In Fitness Clothing

  • October 6, 2019

The modern fitness clothing boasts of such features that will definitely transform your workout session. The nanotechnology feature is something that has been widely accepted by the people for its effectiveness and has garnered appreciation amongst the retailers as well.

Therefore to help you with your bulk needs, one of the popular leggings distributor has come up with a collection of clothing you can definitely have a look at. Hence, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Microbe killing silver

Silver nano-particles are added to clothing for its powerful ability to kill bacteria and fungi and also to prevent the nasty odors caused by excessive sweating. Nano-silver particles release positively charged ions that stop the bacterial cell from functioning. The particles tiny size ensures that the garment remains soft and flexible.

Silica for waterproofing and stain resistance

Nao-particles of silica are being incorporated into the weave of the fabric or sprayed onto its surface to create a coating that repels water and stain producing liquids. The angle and roughness of the silica coating creates enough surface tension to ensure that the liquids form into beads and roll off the surface.

Sun blocking titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

Have you ever got sun burnt through your t-shirt? Nano particles of titanium di-oxide or zinc oxide are incorporated into textiles to protect your garments and your skin from sun damage. Both the particles scatter the ultra-violet lights in the sunlight and do so more effectively in the form of nano-particles instead for larger particles.

Anti-static particles

Some fabrics which contain blended polyester and nylon, tend to gather static charge. However, nano-particles that conduct electricity like zinc oxide, titanium di-oxide and antimony doped tin-oxide, can help to disperse off this static charge. Hence, this way you can work out comfortably.

Thus, if you wish to include wholesale leggings Canada in your store, then make sure to drop a mail to the help team for the same. Browse through the large collection of clothing pieces and select them accordingly. After doing so make sure to state your bulk needs for the same.

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