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Re-Create The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants Style With The Help of Leggings

  • April 26, 2019

Almost every millennial woman must have seen the movie ‘Sisterhood of travelling pants’. It is one of the iconic series that kept on re-defining friendship and love for the generations to come. The four main characters Lena, Carmen, Tibby & Bridget have nothing in common yet they stick to each other through thick and thin which has profoundly inspired girls back in the early 2000’s. Each of them had a distinct sense of style yet, according to the plot there was this special piece of denim pant that fit them all.

But if we were to swap the denim for leggings, then chances that they could have styled the pant in many different ways. Hence, to help you channel the characters read on the blog to know more about re-creating the magic with leggings.


Lena is a shy, introverted artist who loves to dress up in anything that is feminine and not over the top. Considering her personality, she selects such clothing that will help her not grab too many attention. Hence, you can channel the less complicated outfit for yourself by opting for leggings and an oversized shirt.

For this attire, the statement piece will definitely be the leggings but you can wear the accessories with some panache as well. Thus, opt for a sleek skinny brown belt that can be clenched around the waist to add some definition to the outfit.


She is definitely the drama queen of the group. Carmen might be plus-sized but is not afraid to flaunt her curves. Hence, to all the women who don’t look like the Victoria angels model can take some fashion inspiration from Carmen. Don’t be afraid of creating a fashion faux pass as long as you’re being yourself as not trying too hard with the outfit.

Hence, all you need to do is wear a pair of leggings with a tee and a blazer. This outfit is perfect not just for the office but can be incorporated into a casual attire. The idea is to experiment with different colors and textures when opting for the blazer outfit.


Tibby is the sharp & sarcastic member of the group. She is not afraid to experiment with different types of trend yet nails the outfit with her fierce attitude. Hence a simple clothing like leggings won’t require much effort for her to style.

Therefore, if you want to style the leggings outfit like Tibby, then make sure to incorporate top wear with boho accents. Thus, clothing pieces like tops with tassels or even crochet brallete can go a long way in creating your signature style. For the shoes, you can either experiment with pop art canvas or opt for tasseled gladiators.


Bridget might appear like the wild child at first glance but she is athletic and loves to wear anything that screams sporty. Thus, leggings might be something that she not only wears for a casual attire but for her marathon run as well. Thus, for creating an athletic style like her you can experiment with hoodie as well as cozy pullovers.

Thus, you can wear a cropped seamless gym leggings with statement trainers as well as heels.

Business owners who want to include gym leggings in their store can get in touch with a popular manufacturer. All you need to do is select the appropriate pieces of leggings from the catalog and state the bulk needs to the help team accordingly.


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