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Six Things That Are A Complete Mismatch With Leggings

  • September 5, 2022

The reason why many women do love wearing leggings and yet are intimidated by them is that they can be quite tricky to style. However, as it is such a cool and comfortable clothing piece brought by reputable leggings manufacturers, it’s worth the effort, and this also includes thinking about ‘’what NOT to wear with them’’.

Six Things To Avoid

Often you see popular celebrities flaunting them, wearing them instead of pants, giving major fashion goals on how to pull off a pair of quality, fashionable leggings without fail, and it is all based on how you pair them. But, if you want to get a gorgeous look without ending up making a fool out of yourself, then make sure to avoid teaming this versatile piece with certain things. Check out the list given below.

1. Say a big NO to the ‘over-the-top’ tops. It is true that you can appear both dressy with leggings and keep it low-key, but that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and combine this athleisure staple with a fancy blouse. Instead of that, go for casual, simple tops or better, outerwear like a leather jacket or a utility jacket, or a windbreaker.

2. Partner bodysuits with leggings and go for the biggest fashion disaster of the century. Consider pairing a short tee or tank top with a sweater or a jacket tied tightly around the waist. Don’t forget your sunny shades!

3. With leggings, it’s better that you don’t try any outdated look, something like clubbing them with skirts or dresses. It was the go-to style of the 80s and early 2000s. These days, in 2022, it is unlikely that you will spot many going for such combinations. If it’s about coverage or you fear too much skin exposure then an oversized, long sweatshirt will do the trick.

4. Gone are the times of pairing leggings with heels. Today, they look the best with flat shoes. However, this doesn’t mean that you stick to just flip-flops and sneakers. You can of course opt for flat ankle boots, ballet flats, and loafers.

5. You exist in a time where celebrities love to feature leggings with micro crop tops and sports bras. However, more than often, you will also find them going for an additional layer in the form of a jacket to add a bit of modesty to their look. So, if a tank or crop top isn’t really your thing outside the gym, then you can always button up the jacket on top of them.

6. Yes, that duffel that you got recently is good to carry to the gym but when it’s about fashion and making the leggings look most style-appropriate, the easiest option is a classy and sophisticated handbag.

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