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Spandex Vs Latex Leggings – What Makes The Two Different

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  • July 5, 2023

Wondering if spandex and latex are the same? Well, though they may sound similar, these two materials clearly have some distinguishing features. And the distinctions between the two fabrics is what obviously makes the leggings of both kinds separate. Spandex is actually a synthetic fiber that’s devoid of latex. And latex is a smooth material obtained from the rubber tree. As both these fabrics are unique, workout leggings that are crafted with them have altogether a different feel and appeal. Read on to get more info on this.

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What Makes Spendex leggings Different from Latex Leggings?

  • Decoding Spandex

Did you note that the term spandex is actually an anagram of “expands”? Also referred to as Lycra or elastane, spandex is a super-stretchy material that gives elasticity to undergarments, swimsuits and of course, fitness clothing like leggings. A certain amount of spandex is generally blended with cotton, polyester, nylon or other fibers of leggings to increase its stretchability. So, you can count on expandable spandex leggings to perform various workouts at the gym with optimum flexibility.

Lycra is the brand name for spandex that was introduced by DuPont and is also called elastane, which is more generic. Spandex consists of 85% of a synthetic polymer known as polyurethane. As we were saying before, the flexible characteristic of spandex makes it a popular choice for various kinds of activewear, sportswear and other fitnesswear made with synthetic fibers like your fitted leggings.

  • Decoding Latex

Latex which is derived naturally from the milky sap of many trees is actually a rubbery substance. From gloves, balloons and toys to medical products, a lot of things are made with latex as rubber is now nicely refined during the manufacturing procedure. And natural latex, in modern days, is used for weaving leggings and other apparel. Latex leggings usually have an irresistibly soft and shiny texture and look super-trendy. You must own a pair of stunning black latex leggings to team with your white t-shirt to appear insanely hot and stylish for working out or during casual outings.

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