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Styles Ideas To Pull Off The 00’s Favorite Colorful Leggings!

  • March 26, 2021

When it comes to the ideal legging wear style, you can always trust the super models and the celebrities to help you out in this department. With the preferences for the colorful leggings, we can safely conclude that the 00’s favorite trend is back!

Retailers who wish to invest in wholesale workout leggings for the store can check out the collection to invest in the sartorial fitness pants. Meanwhile, let’s read on the blog below to find out about some celebrity inspired outfit inspiration.

1. While still super casual, Hailey Bieber makes sure to give her orange leggings a boost by incorporating other must-try trends into her look. She coordinated her socks, opted for fuzzy slides, and even threw on a Fallon Jewelry chain for a dressy twist.

2. Kendal Jenner could have easily paired her cozy sweatshirt and UGG boots with a basic black pair of leggings, but a brown option is so much more eye-catching and brightened up her whole outfit which is perfect for early spring style.

3. Leggings are pretty perfect when you have to walk the dog. Kaia Gerber stuck with a lighter, neutral color scheme, in this case, styling her beige pair of leggings with a white and black fleece jacket. In fact you can also skip your generic leggings for something minimalist yet fun.

4. Toward the end of last year celebrities have time and again proved that red leggings are easy to work into your everyday look, especially when styled with combat boots and a fun jacket to pull the look together.

5. Dua Lipa took a risk when she stepped out in cow print leggings and it definitely paid off. At the same time, the singer also gave us a few great ideas for styling colorful leggings in 2021, Go matchy-matchy, and definitely embrace graphics and other bold designs.

6. Yolanda Hadid made us rethink white leggings, showing us that they’re as risky as we once thought. While out in NYC, she paired them with a neutral knit sweater and a puffer coat, creating a cool yet relaxed combination.

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