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Stylish and Essential Tops That are Meant to be Styled With Leggings

  • August 17, 2018

Initially the leggings did not get much limelight as much as it deserved to be. But with gradual changes in the fashion sphere and the fact that models were increasingly sporting the casual sporty legging look, this underdog of an outfit has come to find its place in the top charts of a fashionista. Earlier it was either worn to the grocery store or for lounging in the sofa, but with people’s realization of its versatility and the fact that haute couture brands were turning this modest bottom wear into a runaway favorite outfit proves that how much it has evolved over time. With the onset of 2018 leggings have become a go-to bottom wear of women be it in her 20’s or 30’s. Outlined below are different types of tops you can wear with your leggings that would be absolutely perfect for summer and beyond as well.

Tunic Fever

Loose tunic dresses are great for weekends spent exploring. Whether you’re out and about for a picnic with your friends or spending an evening celebrating a special occasion with your partner, a long and lightweight casual tunic dress will help you breeze through the day in comfort and style. Pair a seasonal printed tunic with some solid color leggings and you’re definitely going to look like an effortlessly stylish woman.

Classic button down shirt

Whoever said you can’t wear leggings to the office is absolutely wrong. Pair a crisp white button down shirt with a solid navy blue legging and see the heads turn in your way. Stick to the basic yet classic combos for the office style look book as you wouldn’t want to steer away from the dress code. To jazz it up a tiny notch accessorize with pendants or bracelets as it will add a touch of femininity to it.

Not so boring oversized T shirt

Wearing an oversized t-shirt with leggings has never been out of style, in fact it is a timeless trend that everybody loves to wear because of its comfort value. Wear a t-shirt with your favorite band’s quotes and a color blocked legging with trainers. To add a bit of dimension to the outfit tie a camo print jacket around the waist as it will also come in handy when you feel cold too.

Chic crop tops

Every fashion obsessed girl is wearing the same outfit combo, a pair of leggings with a work out crop top. This trend has been gaining momentum and with super models like Bella Hadid, wearing this outfit on a repeat, women have become a huge fan of this look. The tricks to pull off this look is to stick to solid colors, color block style and subtle prints.

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