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Take Your Fitness Leggings Outside The Gym Using These Styling Tips

  • February 12, 2021

We don’t recall when we all began taking the classic wholesale leggings USA meant for exercising and bringing them to the street but we have to say, “We’re here for it!” Lots of ladies aren’t convinced how to sport leggings as bottoms outside of the fitness center without looking like they’re really, you know, going to the gym, but it’s doable. Trust us, at 5 months, pregnant women have mastered the art of taking their leggings out to run errands, date night, and so much more.

Now let us begin by saying that we’re not here to judge. If you wish to wear your much-loved leggings with a training top for your daily closet, you do you girl. As long as you’re comfy and feel nice we’re here for it. But for those of us that don’t want the concealment of a healthy life but adore the comfort of leggings, this blog is for you.

Leggings for pants

The key to styling leggings as bottoms is all about the styling. You’re going to need to do more than a tee or tank top to make your look feel more deliberate, not like you just came from the fitness center. Simplicity is key and there are some things to bear in mind as you put together your outfit.

Find the ideal pair

Perhaps the most crucial thing you can do is find an amazing pair of leggings that don’t look like they’re made for the fitness center. Small details such as a side stripe detailing or a thicker fabric will do the trick. And we have to say it, we prefer a thicker legging to not just hide our panty lines and also put off any thin material camel toe. You know what we’re talking about ladies, it happens!

We’d also steer clear of shades that scream “gym”, sheer panels, or crazy prints too. Rather, go for a more basic color palette and keep it easy on yourself. Neutrals go with everything and are most likely to look like “regular” bottoms than anything else.

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