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  • Gym Leggings
  • March 17, 2023

For any woman in the world, leggings are probably one of the most comfortable pieces to wear. They are just the best partner any top-wear can have. Are you too a leggings lover? If so, then you would know that they are not easy to style. They might give the impression that they can be paired with anything and everything but it needs some thinking to really get ‘’the look’’.

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Remember, knowing what top-wear to wear with leggings is one thing but matching and styling them in an easy-breezy manner is another. Once you are done reading the blog till the very end, you will be able to learn both.

With Blazers

A wardrobe staple to wear with leggings is definitely the oversized blazers. To balance the look in winter, sophisticated knee-high boots or ankle-length boots will be great. Reason? Like this, you would have slight bulk on the top, skinny legs in the middle, and again some weight at the end. If you are thinking about making it your work outfit then replace the boots with ballet flats. Chunky sneakers or sandals would work great during summer.

+ Sweaters

The more oversized the top the better it is when it’s to styling leggings. Combining thicker fabric with length might get confusing. Consider matching dark-colored leggings with a neutral oversized sweater (how about a long cardigan?). To keep the proportions, think about adding embellished sunglasses and some bulky ankle boots.

…and the Jackets

Short chunky jackets are not for everyone. If you have toned legs then you can consider clubbing them with tall boots and a small shoulder bag. For the perfect look over here, grab a unique graphic tee and pair it with pitch-black leggings.

Think Long Coats

With leggings, it’s not like you can either go formal or leisure, but you can also get the best of both worlds. How? It’s two words— ‘long coat’. They give you the ideal look in winter. Solid-colored long coats with classic black leggings give you a sophisticated yet casual look in just a few seconds. Finish it with black boots.

Consider Hoodies

High-waisted leggings + hoodies + boots always equal perfect. To remain on the safe side, try not to pick something that displays too many colors or prints. For a date night with your guy, switch the hoodie with a long tunic top and you will be good to go.

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  • Gym Leggings
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