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summer leggings look in celeb style

Wear Your Leggings The Celeb Style: 2024 Spring Summer Collection

  • Gym Leggings
  • March 29, 2024

Garnering the crown of being one of the most comfortable and functional bottom wear, leggings have made their way to the center stage. From casual everyday wear to special events, it has found a permanent place in all women’s wardrobes especially because of its versatility and durability. From commoners to celebrities, leggings are a massive hit among all. Here are some famous spring-summer looks inspired by Hollywood celebrities that you can recreate to look fashionable forever.

Let’s take a look at the tinsel town fashion game with leggings in the limelight: Here’s what the celebs are doing!

style with celebs

  • Gigi Hadid’s Glamorous Look

Well, known for her high fashion style, this model-actress, took leggings to a whole new level and made a chic statement out of it. With a cropped sweater she was seen flaunting a legging, black in color while she was around Los Angeles for some work. This look was complemented with sneakers and the entire appeal was that of a sporty cool with elegant vibe. Recently when she arrived for the Paris fashion week, she was spotted wearing a tight legging and a tank top making leggings a part of her comfort essentials.

  • Hailey Bieber Street Style Fashion

Hailey’s Street style fashion is well known to everybody. With denim jackets, chunky sweatshirts, and boots, she has claimed high-street fashion like a cakewalk. Her oversized graphic tee with the leggings around New York City is a look that we all remember. Adding a fun edge to the ensemble, leggings can be the highlight outfit of the entire attire. You too can incorporate such a look of casual elegance and look trendy.

  • Jenifer Lopez’s Athleisure Look

Known for her impeccable style sense Jenifer Lopez, the famous singer and actress, has made leggings a part of her regular wear. Many a time she is spotted running errands or going to the airports wearing leggings or sporting leggings look and rehashing the outfit to be an epitome of style and comfort. One of her much-snapped looks was out from the gym in a neon green crop top with similarly shaded snake-skinned leggings which was style amplified.

Therefore, the celebrity-inspired looks only highlight the importance of leggings and how it can easily blend in with various fashion trends be it athleisure, high street style, casual, and many more. Below are a few leggings look that are in trend for the 2024 spring-summer fashion. Let’s check what’s on the platter: Read-on

  1. Style Up Your Comfy And Lightweight Leggings

    As spring and summer are the months when the temperature is usually warm and the sunny days are longer, it is wise to choose breathable fabrics especially those that are lightweight. Leggings that are ideal for spring and summer are cotton or cotton blends. So, the best way to style is to wear cool and comfortable cotton leggings of your choice and pair it with a tank top or a sleeveless crop top. These stylish cotton leggings are stretchable and very much in style and give you a body-hugging silhouette.

    summer leggings look for 2024

  2. Choosing Vibrant Shades And Designs For Your Leggings

    The summer and spring collection is all about creating a wardrobe that is colorful and filled with vibrant hues that are in trend these days. Therefore, choose leggings that have abstract or playful patterns, geometric or animal prints and floral motifs. For colors go with shades like yellow, pastel blue, blush pink, lavender, fuchsia and so on which embody the spirit and essence of spring. These colors and patterns bring out your personality and sense of style and give a unique edge to your look.

  3. Deck Yourself Up With Leggings And Layer With Tops

    The much-in-vogue is the layering technique that is in for Spring. Layering can amplify your leggings look to a whole new level. Pair your leggings with tunics or oversized t-shirts to bring a chic and comfortable appeal. Wear net shrugs, cardigans or denim jackets on top to create a smart ensemble. You could also wear a short dress and pair it up with light cardigans along with leggings. Another very interesting look that you can create with leggings is wearing a tight fitted black legging with denim shorts and a cropped hoodie or a cropped graphic tee probably customized with your initials imprinted on it to add a personal touch.

  4. Select The Right Footwear And Accessory

    One of the key ways to style up your leggings look is by incorporating the right kind of footwear and accessories. Shoes and accessories play a significant role in ramping up your spring-summer look and keeping you in trend. Therefore, when you are styling up your leggings go for shoes like sneakers or boots, flip flops or sandals. For accessories try to incorporate sunglasses, scarves and hats. If you are inclining towards wearing jewelry, then go for minimalist jewelry like studs or rings which have a dainty appeal. This will create an interesting aura to complement your leggings look.

  5. Wear Capri Leggings

    Appropriate for the spring summer trend the capri leggings are just the appropriate apparel. This bottom wear is versatile and looks very cool. From running errands to incorporating it to your gym wardrobe essential, the capri leggings are everything comfortable and functional. You can pair peplum tops, sleeveless crop tops or spaghetti tops or even short dresses with these capri leggings. As these leggings end before the ankle and leaves some space and adds to the visual appeal and makes you look taller as well. Therefore, leggings can provide a smart silhouette and adds to the overall look. These leggings look has both a chic yet casual appeal that makes it versatile and look stunning.

So now that you know all about leggings, what’s in trend and what the celebs are doing you can curate your own style canvas by picking the options that resonate with your individual personality. Choose the spring, summer trendy leggings and score high on the style meter this season!

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