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The Cold Weather Fitness Clothing That Retailers Should Look Out For

  • November 21, 2018

To keep your core temperature consistent when you’re exercising outdoors, in colder weather, you need to layer up your clothing. This will eventually allow you to shed layers as a cause of overheating that will occur with the increased pace of the aerobic activities. Layering involves three types of clothing, a lightweight base layer, an insulating mid-layer and a waterproof top layer. Keeping these in mind it is important to purchase such clothing that will solve all the three purposes.

Base layer : For the base layer you’ll definitely need a tank top and a sports bra that will be comfortable and supportive of the high intensity workout. Similarly opt for a compression pant that you can find that the inventory of wholesale leggings manufacturers. The compression capability is required as it will keep the muscles stress free and avoid the formation of lactic acid that can cause inflammation.

Mid layer : Fleece vests and lightweight fleece pullovers are two good examples of insulating clothing that you can invest in. Wearing a fleece vest or a pullover will help maintain your body temperature by trapping warm air against the skin. In case of bottom layer, you really don’t need insulating pants as the compression legging will help to provide the warmth as well.

Top layer : Your exterior layer should provide wind and moisture protection, without adding too, much weight or bulk. Look for a water-resistant and breathable shell that is designed for activities like running or cycling. In case of pants, you can either wear loose pants on top of the compression legging or shorts.

Bottom wear : As said above, compression leggings are a must-have for the ideal winter workout. After this you can choose pieces that are made of artificial fibers like polypropylene or spandex that can help to wick away the sweat and keep the legs dry and protect from hypothermia.

Accessories : You also have to consider the quality of the socks and gloves when it comes to using them for the workout. Ankle length socks are generally most preferable in this case that will also have anti-slip padding at the sole. Similarly, in case of outdoor workout wear gloves that will keep the hands warm and dry.

Shoes : Ideally training shoes are an important aspect of the suitable outdoor workout gear. Running shoes are best for jogging or even marathons that generally take place during this time of the year. Similarly, if the training session only involves exercise that needs to be done at a place, then training shoes will be required.

Retailers can get in touch with one of the popular custom leggings manufacturers and purchase winter-oriented leggings from them. All you have to do is select the required pieces from the exclusive collection, check the MOQ for the products and state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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