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The Completely Legit And Classy Ways To Wear Custom Leggings For Work

  • October 4, 2018

Though different women have distinct needs when it comes to clothing, there are some essentials that are preferred by the whole community. We are talking about the comfy, stylish and versatile leggings. But did you know that you can actually churn out legit and chic ways to dress up in leggings for work as well? Yes, it is common for women to stick to the business formals at the workplace, but a little change in their dressing code won’t harm anybody. Time for you to get some breathing space, wearing the usual skirts and trouser all week long. And switch to the super comfy leggings.

The material of the leggings sticks to the body, and if not worn properly, might look out of place in your office. Thus, you should be careful and follow some rules and regulations while rocking leggings for the workplace. Here are some simple norms to understand while wearing this bottom wear option to work, crafted by a leading custom legging manufacturer.

Always understand the ambiance of your workplace

Before you head to your office wearing your favorite pair of leggings, make sure to have an understanding of the ambiance and environment. If you have the freedom to wear anything other than business casual or formal clothing, you can confidently style up in leggings. Just the fit and look must be appropriate to the workplace surroundings and define your job role.

Your work leggings and gym leggings must be separate

You cannot wear your usual gym leggings to the office, and it is mandatory for you to keep both the pair separate. To pull them off perfectly, you should be aware of the leggings you are wearing to work. If you are ready to rock them at work, make sure your work leggings are different from the pairs you wear for workout sessions. They should look fresh, stretched, wrinkled and clean.

The top or shirt must cover your butt

Being made of highly stretchable materials, it looks bad when someone wears the leggings with shorts or crop tops to the office. They cling on to your skin, and hence a tucked in shirt might not look appropriate, and make you feel odd around your thigh and hip area. Thus, go for longer tops that cover some part of your butt, hip and few inches around the thighs. If you are wearing something tucked, layer that with an elongated blazer.

Correct pair of shoes for work is a must

When you decide to wear leggings to work, you should also choose the perfect pair of shoes. The flats and heels, elegant boots, bellies will look amazing with leggings. Thus, the right pair of shoes will enhance your office look, and help you embrace a different attire easily.

Don’t wear flattering or clingy tops

Leggings are figure flattering and form fitting, and hence the top you wear to the office shouldn’t be that well fitted. Tunics, cardigans, blazers, dresses and long shirts are the best options when you want something to look good with your leggings at the workplace. This will give you a balanced silhouette!

Leggings must be made of high quality material

The leggings you choose for work should be made of high-quality and thick fabrics, so that no holes, visible panty lines, or see-through features become evident. Thus, for workplace style, choose thick leggings material crafted by a leading leggings manufacturer.


Wearing leggings to work can be pretty interesting and unique, and women must acquire the correct skills to flaunt their curves in these leggings at workplace with sass and class. These leggings will not disappoint you, rather add comfort to your work days!

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