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how leggings should fit

The Dilemma of How to Choose The Right Size in Leggings Can Be Solved Like This!

  • Gym Leggings
  • July 26, 2023

Be it in any year or era, leggings have been a hot trend always. But the question ‘’what size leggings should i get?’’ continue to confuse many fashion-conscious ladies. If you too are one of them then the first thing that you should know is leggings are never made the same. They are crafted out of different materials and show varied cuts. So, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ over here.

Get The Basics Right

  • You should first start with the fit. Consider how you want your leggings to fit. The most important thing that you should keep in your mind here is— the tighter the leggings are on you the more the fabric will be stretched. You can easily end up destroying them if they are way too tight than normal.
  • The next thing that you should remember is leggings are NOT pants or jeans, so you can’t expect them to fit like them. While some will be low-waisted with a thicker yoga band, others will be high-waisted with an elastic band. No matter what you are opting for, just see to it that they aren’t so tight as to leave a red mark when you take them off.
  • Instead of opting for ‘’free size’’ and leaving scope for regret later, try and select from different sizes such as small, medium, and large. When it’s about the length or inseam of the legging, they also tend to come in average size. In other words, if you are taller or shorter, they may fall at a different level when down toward your ankle.

8 Ultimate Suggestions to Solve The Leggings Size Problem in A Few Minutes

  1. Begin with what size you are in jeans or pants and then try a legging that is close to it.
  2. Be careful, the waist shouldn’t be super tight.
  3. Search for a pair that is not too tight around your knees as it’s a crucial area of movement. If you find them to be too tight then check out another pair since they will irritate the skin behind your knee and can potentially rip off.
  4. Once you put them on, you should feel at ease. The comfort level should be like you aren’t wearing anything.
  5. While wearing the leggings, never pull them up like jeans or pants as the fabric isn’t designed for such pulling.
  6. When you have them on, the fabric shouldn’t look so stretched that you can see the thread lines, or the pattern getting distorted, or worse, they become sheer leggings.
  7. Walk around a bit and sit down. Check whether they feel tight anywhere or if you feel uncomfortable.
  8. Go for the next size if they feel too tight.

It will be easier for you to pick out your favorite color or pattern in that same size once you find the right fit.

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