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The Not-So Versatile Pieces of Leggings

  • July 6, 2018

Leggings! Does this word remind you of the endless toiling in the gym or a lazy day lounging at home? Okay, sometimes leggings do get type casted as a piece of clothing that emotes contradictory emotions, hence limiting its use. To a lot of people’s surprise, leggings do come in variations of sorts. Not just in case of fabric type but styles and designs as well. And each one of them have a specific role to play when it comes to styling them for events. Even though since time immemorial leggings have been marked as versatile and usually it means a pair of solid black leggings can only retain that status. There are other varieties that have cropped up in the market owing to the popular demand of the modest bottom wear loved by all. Instead of opting for the same old traditional way, venture into the market to find which style suits your body type. This blog contains some tips that might help you in your shopping spree.

All season ankle length

As the title suggests, this pair of leggings is above the ankles and creates a slimming and elongated look of the legs especially when worn with heels. This can be worn throughout the year and is available in solid colors as well as patterns. This pair of leggings is most suitable for women who are on the shorter side of the height. Team it up with skirts, short dresses or tunic to create a minimalist yet stylish look. According to wholesale legging manufacturers, this is the most common and best selling piece of clothing.

Athleisure Stirrup

The stirrup leggings have connected strap that go under the foot and come to the ankle. This is not a common fashion choice as it is generally used for an active wear ensemble. This legging choice makes for a cool dance costume as it helps in the easy movement of the feet. You should always get your size right while buying one of these otherwise the straps might either be too tight or loose around the feet.

Glamorously Footed

Footed leggings are basically a combination of socks and leggings. You may not know but these leggings look really well if worn with a nice blingy dress and peep toe heels. An ideal choice for winters, this amp up the value of the outfit and the accessories worn with it. There are seldom instances that this pair of leggings has come into the limelight because too often women feel conscious while wearing it.

Jazzed up jeggings

Jeggings is a lot like jeans in case of looks and feel with fake pockets and seams. Since it is super skinny it can be substituted for a skin-tight jean. Due to extensive design in the crotch area, this pair can be worn with short tops as well. Jeggings are quite popular among the teenage fashion lovers as they love to wear it to school and parties. This outfit basically stands for a dressy casual wear.

Leather Lover

Leggings made of leather fabric is adored by American supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and the list can go long. To be honest, why not? Leather leggings provide such a grunge edgy vibe to an attire irrespective of the fact that it is worn with a drab crop top. Team it up with dark boots and you’re surely going to rock the outfit.

A common question often put forward by retailers is where can i buy wholesale leggings in bulk? Well, it is very simple. All you have to do is contact one of the best fitness clothing manufacturers and send a mail to the customer care team requesting for a quote in sync with your needs.

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