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Top 6 Styling Tips To Wear Athleisure Leggings For An Irresistible Look

  • September 1, 2021

Do you love to wear stylish leggings? Are you uncertain about how to mix and match the exquisite styles, prints and colors of leggings? Then, this tailoredguide can help you have an idea about how to nail a sassy leggings outfit.

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Pick the right shape

To achieve a stylish look wearing leggings, first you need to find the right leggings shape and silhouette flattering your figure. Capris and long leggings work best with an apple shape while high-rise leggings complement an hour-glass figure. For a triangular figure, fold-over leggings with a wide waistband look amazing.

Play with colors

Your choice of color and design should be what you desire most. To achieve a stunning look, we recommend that you stick to darker and neutral colors. Solid-colored leggings are an excellent choice to define your legs and your entire outfit.

Vibrant colors and bold patterns are what make leggings such a happening leg wear. Go for leggings with striking prints but make sure to balance the boldness with solid-color tops to let the prints appear prominent and appealing.

Pair with a looser top

Wearing a loose and comfy top will contrast the tight-fit of your leggings. A long and loose top is especially iconic to pair with leggings if you prefer wearing them for workout sessions. For an everyday casual look, tunics can look fabulous with leggings.

Opt for trendy layering

Layering is the ultimate styling tip to rock your leggings. Pair your leggings with long jackets or blazers on chilly evenings. Whether it’s an oversized jacket, tunic, vest or denim jacket, you can choose any fashionable layering to achieve the fashonista look!

Pick appropriate shoes

Wrong shoes can ruin your leggings look. Wear shoes of the same color as that of your leggings to make your legs appear longer and your outfit super-chic. From sneakers and ballerina pumps to knee-high boots and heeled pumps, stick to attractive footwear that complements your leggings.

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