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Top Celebrity-Approved Leggings For Your Collection

  • July 5, 2022

A pair of well-fitted and premium-quality leggings is among the top clothing choices for celebs when they are out and about. Additionally, who are we to argue when they look so good sporting them?

Naturally, people are going crazy with their various looks.Also, a good pair of leggings is now more than just activewear. It has turned into a wardrobe staple for most people.

If you are a retailer or a private label business owner looking for premium-quality legging wholesale Canada, you need to find a reputed private label supplier andadd the following celebrity-approved styles to your bulk order, right now!

Read on to know the various celebrity-approved styles of leggings you must add to your collection.

Prints Inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio

Leggings In Alessandra Ambrosio

A Victorias Secret angel and mum of two, Alessandra Ambrosio has been seen sporting various pairs of leggings on several occasions.

On one occasion, she paired a pop red cropped leggings with a cropped sweatshirt. For another, she chose a dual-toned one. However, her boldest pairs have been the printed pairs that she has proudly flaunted on many occasions!

Seamless Pairs in Neutral and Bold Colors Inspired by JLo

Jlo Leggings

This gorgeous actor, singer, and mum, has been spotted wearing the classic seamless high-waisted leggings in colors ranging from baby pink to teal blue.

The Classic Black High-Waisted Pair Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted on many occasions wearing her trusted pair of classic black leggings. This one is a favorite of many celebrities and a hot seller too.

If You are Just Starting, a Classic Black Should be the First one you Get!

Solid-Colored Cropped Pairs Inspired by Kendall Jenner

Apart from her classic black high-waisted leggings look, Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing solid colors and prints too. As a chic fashionista, she is known to sport various leggings for many of her public appearances and we love every bit of it.

Orange Colored and Mesh-Insert Leggings Inspired Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber

If you are a fan of the bold and quirky, Hailey Bieber might be the one you take inspiration from.

She has been spotted on several occasions, wearing several bright and neutral-colored pairs. Her color choices range from the quirky orange to the bright white, the muted forest green, the classic black, and many more.

She has also been spotted wearing some beautiful mesh-insert leggings with her more polished looks, complete with a puffer jacket!

If you area business owner and want some gorgeous wholesale leggings Australia to bulk order for your store, make sure you add some of these celebrity-approved pairs to your collection. Find a reputed private label wholesale leggings supplier with a vast catalog and place your orders now!


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