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Trendy Leggings Style Perfect For Your Street-Style Wardrobe

  • May 28, 2021

Leggings have become the new trousers for women. You can pair these up with sartorial top-wear like denim jackets, shirts skirts and what not! Leggings these days are not only worn as casual wear but also as workout clothes since they are very comfortable, fitted and stretchable as well.

Given in the blog below is a list of trendy designer leggings that are perfect for updating your wardrobe. Therefore, read on the blog below and find out more about the coolest custom leggings wholesale designed by a popular supplier.

Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings can be now worn in place of jeans as they are more comfortable and make your leggings much slimmer. It’s best to wear these in winter’s season with ankle length boots instead of wearing jeans because you don’t have to tuck it inside your boots. Women with a petite frame should definitely go for these as they give the illusion of long and slim legs.

Footed leggings

Footed leggings are a quite similar to tights but the fabric is slightly thicker. They don’t have any opening at the end and they cover the feet also. Hence, the name. These can primarily be worn for activities like dance, Pilates, yoga, etc.

Stirrup leggings

These leggings were originally worn by horse-riders to make sure that the leggings stay in their place. Eventually through the years it also became a sportswear for women who wore them while horse-riding and skiing. Later it turned into the street-wear essential. Now, they are peaking in popularity for women who wear them as casual wear, sportswear and for running.

Ripped Leggings

These leggings have cuts in them and are a must have if you are into fashion. These pants look attractive and trendy. These can be worn as casual wear and as party wear as well. It would be wise to choose colors like black, grey or navy blue hues.

Leather leggings

You will receive a lot of mixed reviews regarding leather leggings. These leggings have even replaced jeans in women’s street-wear wardrobe. You needn’t wear those very tight leather jeans/jeggings when you can buy faux-leather or leather “leggings”. Not only comfortable for winters but also very chic. These leggings also come with fur in the inside region to provide you more warmth and protection for the cold weather.

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