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Unique Saturday Night Outfits That Can Be Styled With Leggings

  • August 23, 2019

For true homebodies there are very less motivating factors that can really compel them to go out. However, the right kind of clothing can be a different ball game altogether. The street wear clothing scene has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. With classic aesthetic entering the mainstream fashion, party wear has been merely reduced to an amplified version of leisure wear.

However, 2019 has been a revolutionary year which has contributed to changes in every sphere, even in fashion. Therefore, as you have guessed it, the authentic party wear is back but amalgamated with athleisure pieces that amplifies its a few notches higher. Hence, if you want to know more about such outfits, read on the blog to find out.

The silk route

A silk blouse can be styled perfectly with a pair of high waisted black leggings. When it comes to top wear stick to colors like metallic orange, blingy violet, satin emerald green, etc. These colors work perfect for the night especially if worn with a classic pair of glossy black pumps. Silk is comfortable and most importantly works well when you want to create a stylish party outfit.

Business Chic

The business chic attire is perfect for those women who have to work even on the weekends. Hence, how about incorporating a blazer and brallete look with a pair of ankle length leggings. All you need to do is ditch the shirt and shoe off some skin cause the party aint stopping until the sun comes out!

Hounds tooth vibe

The hounds tooth pattern is the print of the season, This super unique motif has replaced the fruit and florals for a change. Fall should be about some mysterious and edgy prints that will help you to create transitional outfits. Thus, all you need to do is opt for a pair of cycling shorts in animal shorts in an earthy tone like olive green and combine it with a black and blue hounds tooth shirt to complete the look.

Oversized drama

The oversized shirts are a thing at present. You can style it as part of your Saturday night outfit by pairing with a compression leggings. For this outfit your top wear will be the statement piece hence opt for such variants as a satin pink shirt with embroidery detailing along the hemline. For the leggings, stick to something in beige to complete the look.

80’s sleeves

If you have a penchant for vintage clothing, then you should definitely opt for a rust red and white polka dot with huge puffed sleeves. For the bottom wear, the best thing you can opt for is a pair of high waisted leggings in a dark neutral shade like charcoal black. Stick to ankle length boots with fringe detailing as it will add a wild west vibe to the clothing. Regarding the makeup it will be ideal to stick to red lips and golden eye shadow to complete the look.

Retailers who wish to include wholesale fitness leggings in their store can get in touch with one of the popular leggings manufacturer. All you need to do is have a look through the vast assemblage of clothing. Select the required pieces and state the bulk needs to the help team. You can even get discounts on the selected products, hence hurry!

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