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Welcome to The Era of Sublimated Leggings, The Customizable Active wear

  • June 29, 2018

The concept of sublimation printing was introduced back in the year of 2013 and to a lot of people’s surprise it is still going strong as a trend. Initially it was just limited to accessories like bags, mats, belts, and shoes but later on clothing started experimenting with the sublimation prints as well. If you notice, the t-shirt that you bought three summers back at your visit to the national park has a logo printed on the front side through the sublimation printing process.

So now the most commonly asked question arises, that is what is sublimation printing?

In the sublimation printing process, the ink is fused into the fabric material and not just transferred into it (in contrast to inkjet printing). The print is durable, and the fabric also becomes quite softer to touch as heat is applied to it in order to fix the ink permanently into each fabric thread. The color does not fade in outdoor lighting or after extensive washing, so it is mostly considered ideal for sports wear and school clothing. But gradually this process is being incorporated into activewear as well to bring forth a change in the otherwise drab outfit and contribute to the dynamic fashion business.

Sublimation process is empowering in the fact that customers can chose the design for themselves. Therefore, sublimated leggings manufacturers have come with this concept so that customers can chose their own design and buy it. The best part of these sublimated leggings is that:

  • The fact that durability, longevity, style and visual aesthetics are being incorporated into the sublimated clothing offers true value for money hence making them affordable. Sometimes discounts and offers are also provided by quality wholesale buyers which makes it all the easier on pocket.
  • The print can be applied into almost every different kind of fabric. Be it artificial or natural fabric sublimated printing works wonders on it. The resultant print turns out well without any imperfections.
  • These are extremely trendy right now, especially in the athletic wear department. And the fashion world has accepted this style equally. Due to the increasing public demand, this print has taken on the fashion trend as well.
  • The print is durable since it doesn’t fade with every wash. The fact that assures its permanency is the heat process that applied while printing. Since the ink is injected to each thread, therefore, the color doesn’t run out unlike other fabric counterparts.
  • These prints don’t run, crack or chip easily unlike other types of prints. Hence making it even more value for money for the buyers. This is also one of the key reasons as to why the sublimated printing clothes business is growing day by day.

Honestly, limiting the sublimated leggings to only gym wear would be like an injustice to it. It has turned out to be increasingly versatile piece of clothing and choice of many women. The leggings can be styled sophisticatedly in a plethora of ways. Just check some of the styles that can be incorporated into everyday like:

  • Wear them under a tunic with boots to add style and drama to your outfit. Make sure that the tunic is of a solid or a neutral color because obviously you don’t want a clash of prints here.
  • Wear them under a dress with closed shoes. Good opportunity to show of your personalized leggings to others, plus it will also help you to keep warm and comfortable.
  • It looks extremely cute if worn under short skirts with tee and a jacket. Make sure you balance out the colors or else it might become a parade of colors hence overbearing on the eyes.

Even though sublimated clothing is trending, it is also a part of niche market right now. Because the cost of printer and the other tools is expensive but given the fact that the business is booming, retailers can contact concerned manufacturers and design your own workout leggings and buy them in bulk at good deals.

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